Korg Releases Free M1 Sound Library for Krome Music Workstation

Today at the 2013 Summer NAMM Show, Korg announced the release of a free bonus sound library for the KROME Music Workstation which focuses on some of the most recognizable sounds from the iconic M1, Korg’s original Music Workstation.

The M1 for Krome collection offers 100 Programs and 100 Combinations, which were “intricately” ported for use in KROME. The download also includes a collection of 10 demo sequences featuring the M1 sounds. Many are demonstrated in the video, above.

Originally launched in 1988, the Korg M1 was the first of what would become a new genre of instrument, the Music Workstation. The M1 featured PCM-based sounds, multi-effects, and an eight-track on board sequencer. This workstation became one of the top-selling keyboards of its time.

M1 For Krome Collection Program highlights include:

  • F000 Universe – Ambient, ethereal, and one of the most recognizable and unique sounds the M1 had to offer
  • F001 Piano 16′ – The classic M1 piano is still a mainstay sound in many genres of music today.
  • F017 Organ 2 – This distinctive organ sound is a staple bass sound for some “quite notable” house and pop tracks
  • F030 Lore – Another distinct ambient sound effect; “bathed in rich reverb” to provide a “liquid” sound all its own
  • F046 Slap Bass – The “uniquely sharp” electric bass sound that went on to become the sound of a very popular TV sitcom in the 1990s (care to guess which one?)

M1 For Krome Collection Combination highlights include:

  • D000 FilmScore – A moody meeting of choirs, pianos and tubular bells
  • D009 Bass & Piano – A split ideal for solo gigs, featuring the well-known M1 piano and smooth acoustic upright bass
  • D063 Madness – An edgy, “highly metallic” solo sound with a timbre all its own
  • D077 Sax Section – An expressive brass section
  • D089 Luna-Pad – FM-like bells meet analog-style strings

Pricing and Availability.

M1 for KROME is currently available as a free download at this link.

8 thoughts on “Korg Releases Free M1 Sound Library for Krome Music Workstation

  1. The continual glaring omission is the 01Wfd. It had a huge library, including some excellent third-party patches. It broke several barriers, such as Having Enough Polyphony To Orchestrate, so it fired up many programmers’ imaginations. It was a unique moment in workstation growth. Mine still works (mostly) and its a good partner for newer, more crispy synths. I’ve seen everything else Korg made offered as a softsynth. This one should come next, or at least an amalgam of that and the T series. If they can offer a soft-Wavestation, they can do this one, too.

  2. Korg is selling its old stuff and concepts over and over again. No innovation and more toys. :p
    This Korg OS is from 1995! Why do you think Atari does not sell Atari STs anymore? Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil and Roland do.

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