Focusrite Announces iTrack Studio

Today Focusrite announced the launch of its iTrack Studio, a complete system for recording music on the Apple iPad (or Mac/Windows computer) with “everything a musician needs” in the kit.

Based around Focusrite’s iTrack Solo, a 2-in, 2-out computer audio interface, the iTrack Studio kit includes closed-back monitor headphones, a studio-quality condenser microphone with included XLR mic cable, and a long 30-pin device link cable to connect the audio interface to the iPad. Record both channels of audio to Tape by Focusrite, a free iOS app (available Autumn 2013 from the App Store).


  • Everything required to get started recording music right away on iPad, or Mac/Windows computers.
  • Includes studio-quality microphone and monitor headphones. iTrack Studio comes with a CM25S studio condenser mic, XLR cable and HP60S closed-back studio headphones.
  • Up to 24-bit, 96kHz recording for superb sound.
  • Connect directly to the iPad with 1.2 meter, 30-pin Device Link cable. Also connects to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an inexpensive Lightning adapter.
  • Use iTrack Studio with free iPad app Tape by Focusrite, as well as with GarageBand, Cubasis, or any number of other existing iPad recording apps.

iTrack Studio includes Focusrite’s 2-channel iTrack Solo audio interface, with dual inputs for recording instrument and vocals simultaneously. It comes with a 30-pin device link cable for connection to an iPad, and can be connected to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an inexpensive lightning adapter — and can also connect via USB to a Windows or Mac computer.

Pricing and Availability.

The Focusrite iTrack Studio will be available worldwide September 2013 for a suggested retail price of $299.99 ($249.99 street). For additional information, check out the Focusrite website.

6 thoughts on “Focusrite Announces iTrack Studio

  1. “(The iTrack Studio) can be connected to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an inexpensive lightning adapter.”

    I don’t think 30 plus dollars for an Apple certified adapter is “inexpensive.” And if thirty bucks really is chump change, then I can easily afford better than Focusrite’s bargain priced bundle.

  2. Gotta give it up to focusrite with their preamps. Every demo they put up just sounds glorious. The one they did for the Scarlett 2i2 with Jono McCleery is just absolutely lovely sounding.

    1. iTrack Solo requires a powered USB hub to work. iTrack Studio looks like a bundle that includes the Solo so I’m assuming the answer is no. You might be interested in the Roland Duo-Capture EX which can provide it’s own power from 3 AA batteries.

  3. Great song and performance, but I noticed his voice got distorted around the end when he raised up his voice. Wonder if that is a limitation of the software, or maybe he just didn’t have the levels set correctly.

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