Apple Logic Pro X Brings New UI, Flex Pitch, Virtual Drummer, iPad Remote & More


Apple has introduced Logic Pro X, an update to their popular DAW that features a new user interface, powerful new creative tools for musicians and an expanded collection of instruments and effects.

apple-logic-pro-x-uiKey New Features:

  • Logic Pro X includes Drummer, a virtual session player that automatically plays along with your song in a wide variety of drumming styles and techniques
  • Flex Pitch provides integrated pitch editing for audio recordings. This is way beyond AutoTune – Flex Pitch analyzes your audio and then lets do Melodyne-style audio editing. You can move the pitch of individual notes up or down, for pitch correction, or use it as a creative tool.
  • Logic Remote lets you play and control Logic Pro X from an iPad, letting you create and mix music from anywhere in the room. (Screen shots below).
  • Retro Synth is a new virtual instrument that emulates some of the most popular classic synthesizers from the 70s and 80s.
  • Vintage Keyboards offer realistic models of electric pianos, B3 organs and clavs.
  • Track Stacks lets you organize and collapse multiple tracks into one. It can also be used to create complex layered instruments.
  • Smart Controls allow you to manipulate multiple plug-ins and parameters with a single move for quick and powerful sound design.
  • An improved Mixer helps manage mix sessions more efficiently, with increased visibility into signal flow and dynamics and faster ways to manipulate channel inserts.

While Apple has added many new features, virtual instruments and an iPad remote app, it has kept the price at $200.

“Logic Pro X is our most powerful version yet, with advanced tools and a modern new interface designed to streamline the process of creating professional quality music,” said Apple’s Philip Schiller. “Musicians are going to love creative new features like Drummer, Flex Pitch, Track Stacks and the Arpeggiator.”

Here are details….


Logic Pro X

apple-logic-pro-x-drummerLogic Pro X provides a collection of new tools for songwriting and music production.

  • Drummer delivers professionally produced, realistic drum tracks that can perform millions of unique grooves in rock, alternative, songwriter and R&B genres. Drummer is powered by the performances and sounds of some of the industry’s top session players and recording engineers, including mixer/producer Bob Clearmountain.
  • The new Drum Kit Designer plug-in lets you build your own custom kit using a diverse collection of professionally recorded snare drums, toms, hi-hats and cymbals that you can mix, match and fine tune to get the right drum sound for your song.

Logic Pro X also updates Logic Pro’s rich collection of synthesizers and keyboards with more new instruments:

  • The Arpeggiator is one of nine new MIDI plug-ins. It can transform a simple keyboard chord into an elaborate sequence.
  • The new Retro Synth emulates some of the most popular classic synthesizer tones from the 70s and 80s.
  • Vintage Keyboards offer realistic models of electric pianos, B3 organs and clavs, with sophisticated tone-shaping controls.
  • Bass Amp Designer allows bass players to play and record using vintage and modern bass amps, with cabinets and microphones that can be configured to build a custom bass rig.
  • Logic Pro X also features a new Sound Library with an updated loop collection and over 1,500 instruments. It also includes effect Patches that make creative use of Track Stacks, Smart Controls, the Arpeggiator and other new plug-ins.

Logic Remote

Logic Remote is a new way to extend the creative power of Logic by using your iPad. Designed to take full advantage of the iPad Multi-Touch display, Logic Remote gives users new ways to record, mix and even perform instruments in Logic Pro X from anywhere in the room.

Here are examples of the types of things you can do with Logic Remote:

Play Logic Instruments:

  • Play any Logic instrument using a familiar piano keyboard or guitar fretboard
  • Tap out beats on drum pads or a drum kit
  • Use the scale mode to limit notes to fit the key of your song
  • Tap and strum entire chords using Chord Strip view
  • Make simple or dramatic changes to your sounds with Smart Controls
  • Add the Arpeggiator plug-in to any instrument

Navigate Logic Projects

  • Operate basic transport controls like start, stop, record, and cycle
  • Swipe the LCD or bar ruler to navigate to any location
  • Select and jump to any Logic project marker
  • Control recordings on your Mac from another room
  • Browse the Sound Library and remotely change Patches
  • Enable Smart Help and hover over interface elements on your Mac to display documentation on your iPad
  • Remotely trigger Logic key commands with customizable buttons

Mix Logic Sessions

  • Use Multi-Touch gestures to adjust Mixer volume, pan, solo, and mute controls
  • Swipe to scroll or jump in banks to navigate through Mixer faders
  • Use the level meter strip to monitor levels and identify clipping
  • Enable and change automation modes for each fader


MainStage 3, a major update to MainStage, is the live performance companion app for Logic Pro X, turning the Mac into a live rig. MainStage 3 features a new user interface and maintains compatibility with the new Logic Pro X plug-ins, Patches and Smart Controls.

Pricing & Availability

  • Logic Pro X is available today from the Mac App Store for $199.99 (US).
  • MainStage 3 is available from the Mac App Store for $29.99 (US).
  • Logic Remote is available today as a free download from the App Store.

If you’ve used the new Logic Pro X, Logic Remote or Mainstage 3, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

114 thoughts on “Apple Logic Pro X Brings New UI, Flex Pitch, Virtual Drummer, iPad Remote & More

  1. Wow. Well, goooood morning!

    A few things I found noteworthy:
    • They dropped support for 32-bit plugins.
    • Melodyne-like audio editing with the ability to extract note info from an audio track and make a MIDI copy.
    • Same low(er) price. $200 is a steal for what you get. (consider Pro Tools, $700. Reason, $400. Live $500-$750)

  2. No upgrade pricing…awesome. I paid old price for 9, boxed, before there was an app store and now no upgrade price for LS9 owners? Balls.

    Anyone wanna buy some gear less useful to me than this software?

    1. There’s a lot more in the Logic Pro X update than in recent updates to Live. And the Reason update was playing catch-up, adding recording! This offers a lot of bang for the buck at $200.

      And, if Logic Pro 9 is useless to you, why did you buy it?

    2. So, the 7-> 8, and 8-> 9 upgrade pricing was $199. Here’s the next major version, and it can be had for $199. Granted someone that never owned Logic before can also get it for $199, but really is that a problem?

  3. I ditched Logic awhile ago, but still use Mainstage for live shows. I’m wondering if Logic Remote is compatible with Mainstage 3? Any ridiculously early adapters yet?

    1. I have MS3 now. The blurb in the iTunes store for Logic Remote says you need Logic, never mentions MS3. I suppose I could try, since its free. No time today, though.

  4. 200 bucks and no upgrade from 9? I would/should skip it. However I know from previous experience that down the road I will end up paying for it as when I skipped a couple of Leopards. The you can’t upgrade from C without first upgrading to B and so on.

    So I came in at Logic 8 for 500 bucks, upgraded to 9 for, can’t remember now, and now another 200 bucks for this? It doesn’t do a single new thing I can’t live without either.

    This is why I hate software.

    1. Seriously, you can’t afford a $199 software upgrade? Please try comparing this to upgrades of Ableton, ProTools, etc. This is simply a bang-for-the-buck BARGAIN whether you’re buying new or upgrading.

      1. there was no “upgrade price” on final cut pro x either so no one should have been surprised by this. but it’s apple so somebody always has to whine about something.

        on the other hand this doesn’t look particularly mind blowing for some shit that took 5 years? but then again logic was already pretty much feature complete anyways…

        1. 5 years? Nope. It took Apple the same 3 years to update Logic as it took Ableton to update Live. Almost exactly, to the day.

      2. The upgrade is much more than this. It requires also a new ipad for the remote, and the jump to mountain… Ahem… Good move from apple to keep their fans financially supportive 🙂

    2. So don’t upgrade. The way they’re pricing logic means if you decide that you absolutely need to have logic pro 12 you can just buy it (probably for $200). If you’re happy with logic 9 and it works on your system just stick with it. No need to hate software for being upgradable. Just treat your current computer/OS/DAW as if it were hardware (ie. non upgradable) and you’ll have a system that works for years.

      1. They could just release 100$ logic 9.1.9 upgrade with some of new features for Pro 9 users. As for my – I need only Midi Scripting, Drummer and FlexPitch. As for other feat. – I don’t care. But in general it’s sad news for me, as for 2 month Pro 9 license owner.

        1. write an email to apple. i bought my license 2 months ago and they gave me full refund so i can get logc x for free. actually i was pretty surprised but…..hmmmm now i`m happy

    3. Melodyne is $350 by itself as an add on, Logic Pro X has the same capabilities built in. Having all this stuff built-in, tightly integrated and with remote support for free is a huge bargain.

      Sorry you feel ripped, but you’re getting jaded if you can’t see what a steal this is. It used to be $1000, now it’s one of the cheapest DAWs and it’s more complete than anything else.

      1. Seems like the pitch-thing is monophonic only, though. I wouldn’t expect anything melodyne-like. Still an awesome feature.

    4. Who do these workshy pr*cks think they are with their half-baked ‘studio in a box’? I’m sick of soft synths and digital workstations… this is a cynical attempt to fob us off and make more profit out of us with substandard products.

      What this needs is shit load of proper hardware. I’m talking a full studio 256 analogue console, at least three racks for fx, modules and dynamics, a guitar, a bass, hard synths, at least one vintage and one new drum kit, eight musically diverse pro session drummers, a harp, a choir, a midi interface, someone to teach me how to read and write music for me so I properly score my grind-mash-spank-house tracks, and some sort of acoustically treated building capable of housing it all. Preferably near a tube stop.

      $200? RIP. OFF.

    1. Yea, and if that means you are taking a break from making music until Bitwig Studio is out, you’ll probably end with no music made. 😉

  5. Does it have so many new features that we – Logic 9 owners and especially those who made their purchase just resently – cannot not ask for upgrade price? IMO this pricing policy is little strange here. It’s normal to give at least something to old users.

    Well, Apple decided to put low price to whole thing – no special price to anyone. I think they wanna fight for a market share and stop loosing customers for Ableton. Question is that is so much improved or just same old s**t in new package? For example, those new vintage keyboards: do they really challenge the best vsts or are as useless as their predecessors are? Or is their really use for this new Drummer? Is it even close to Toontrack or others? Same goes with loops. In fact I’ve never used any of these Logic 9 instruments or loops.

    To me Flex tools and those things which improve workflow (iPad connection for example) are most welcomed features. Logic is a powerful tool but many things have always been painful to do with it. Logic “Help” is also a joke IMO.

    1. “Question is that is so much improved or just same old s**t in new package? For example, those new vintage keyboards: do they really challenge the best vsts or are as useless as their predecessors are?”

      Whoa whoa whoa, are we using the same software? I’ve used the original hardware (Rhodes, Hammond A100) and Logic’s instruments are pretty damn good. The Hammond sim sounds better to me than NI’s B4II.

      1. @Matt: NI’s B4 is from ancient history, I don’t even remember how it sounds..

        I am not saying that those Logic instruments cannot be good enough for someone. Personally I have plenty of stuff home Nords, Lounge Lizard, VB3, Arturia soft and hardware, Access stuff etc. I may be wrong but I am just afraid that Apple’s new plugins do not really challenge those. As said, I would have welcomed more DAW workflow…

      2. Matt: NI’s B4 is from ancient history, I don’t even remember how it sounds..

        I am not saying that those Logic instruments cannot be good enough for someone. Personally I have plenty of stuff home Nords, Lounge Lizard, VB3, Arturia soft and hardware, Access stuff etc. I may be wrong but I am just afraid that Apple’s new plugins do not really challenge those. As said, I would have welcomed more DAW workflow…

        1. >As said, I would have welcomed more DAW workflow

          Spot on! I was hoping for an update that included something like Ableton’s Session view, with clips, but with an innovative Apple spin. Logic today still feels like the same linear clunky thing I used in the early 90s when I had logic 1.0 and ProTools 3!

          1. “Logic today still feels like the same linear clunky thing I used in the early 90s when I had logic 1.0 and ProTools 3!”

            Except back then it was $1500, it didn’t have the best lineup of virtual instruments of any DAW, it didn’t have an iPad remote, it didn’t have built-in Melodyne audio editing, it didn’t have mobile compatibility (with Garageband), etc.

            This is a huge upgrade. If you’re not impressed by what they’re giving you for $200, either you don’t understand the power they’ve put into the Logic Pro X or you don’t need that power.

            1. No. You missed my point. Logic is packed with power and functionality. But it’s bones are decades old software and UI design, and there are much better ways to do things now. Don’t fall into the “professional” trap just because your tools haven’t changed modalities in a while! 🙂

            2. Oh, and since you were trying to be picky, logic didn’t cost $1500. No daw had virtual instruments. Don’t get all knee-jerk because someone didn’t agree with you.

          2. How would copying Ableton Live be more innovative?

            It sounds like what you and several other commenters really want us for Ableton to get their act together on Live. Based on what I’ve seen, The Bitwig guys are going to beat them to that.

            As for Logic – the audio pitch editing, track stacks, MIDI tools, Drummer and remote are all deep features.

            1. >How would copying Ableton Live be>more innovative

              I didn’t say “copy” ableton. I said add something like session view with some added apple design. The linear approach isn’t the only way to work, and it would be great to see more than one company exploring that.

              1. + Exactly my point!

                With Logic we can get and use those plugins (free and commercial) we want but their job is to improve workflow and give us new features. Ableton -like session view is something which I’ve been missing a long time. Thinking about nowadays music and music making I am quite sure that this is a big reason why Ableton is so popular.

                I wouldn’t mind that Apple had made their own innovation but copying session view would have been better than nothing.

    2. Superior drummer costs 180, kontakt cost 400, a good vintage style synth goes for about a 100 or more. These are just the built in logic instruments, what are they gonna do, not update their old instruments? This software costs 200 hundred bucks (the cost of an upgrade if it was still 500 mind you.) But these instruments are going to be waaay better than abletons instruments, they already where. People pay an EXTRA 250 just to get those. Are these instruments going to be good, probably. Are they going to be used by an experienced producer with a wealth of plugins, probably not, but thats always been the case. I see these as instruments for the new producer who just bought logic and now have a plugin for everything, and producers who would would be in the situation of filling holes. “Hey I want an acoustic drum break right here, but I haven’t bought a drum sampler. Oh good I’m glad logic has drummer.” You essentially get one of the best linear daws for two hundo and all of those instruments for FREE.

      1. And you’d be surprised. I know a lot of experimented producers with a wealth of plugins and they still use the Logic plugins just like we can still use some old 5+ years old plugins because we still like the way it sounds.

    3. whats all the whining about no upgrade for version 9 owners?
      the upgrade price to X is 200$
      which happens to be what new users pay for logic x,
      deal with it – but don’t bore us with it

  6. I just got it. So far it seems that Logic X is a lot more optimised. Feels a lot faster, a lot smoother than Logic 9. The iPad remote has very similar functionalities as the garageband app, like smart guitars and keyboards, drum pads, all working fast and integrated with the instruments in Logic X. I like it so far.

  7. Looks like a pretty nice update, with plenty of additions for Logic users. As someone who switched to Ableton 9 last year, I’m seeing a lot of it as catch-up features. The disappointing thing to me is that it’s still the same Logic, with a decades old structure. How much of that was improved? Does it still have the ghastly “tool” metaphor for interacting with the UI elements? But the smartest part of this app is the $200 price point. It’s low enough that even as someone who has switched, I’d be tempted at some point to buy Logic X just for one or two of it’s features (that drum track gizmo could be super hand, for instance!).

  8. After using this for a while I can say, the biggest thing I miss is the caps-lock keyboard. Its still there, its just the command-K ‘Garageband’ version. A lot of the MIDI functions have the same garageband look, feel and functionality but digging a bit deeper, you will see all the old advanced Logic functionality as well.
    Another big thing missing is 32 bit plugin compatibility, but I suppose that was inevitable. Even Pro Tools has ditched that.
    The integration of a scripting language is brilliant. On the surface it looks like Javascript but the acknowledgement document credits Lua which is a free open-source scripting language so it may be that.

  9. One thing I’d love to see is the ability of native iOS audio apps to run as plugins within Logic Pro X. (with touch input from either iPad or in Logic with mouse)

    Maybe even a low latency wireless iPad-audio-out to Logic-audio-in streaming of some sort.

  10. My 40 track project runs darn good so far. However, I havent seen the System Overload message in Logic 9 64bit for months. But I just got it in Logic X, ahhh make my heart warm, NOT! But so far its holding up well and the interface is fantastic!

  11. Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of audio editing and processing updates?

    Last I checked, and please correct me if this is wrong, Logic destructively edits any audio file you process rather than creating a copy and processing it (like every other DAW currently does).

    What they did update was fine, and I’m especially happy about the track management and mixing changes, I was just hoping for some more love on the audio manipulation side.

  12. This looks good. I was really hoping for the addition of the Redmatica tools. Please either include those in Logic or bring them back to the App Store. Autosampler is an invaluable tool.

    1. Thats the one missing feature I had hoped for above all else. Wish someone had something like autosampler. I would buy in a heartbeat. Guess Apple will be releasing that in Logic X-1. Likely refreshed legacy plugins as well.

  13. I find this update disappointing after playing with it for an hour or two. Feels like a lot of cosmetic changes. Ghastly tool metaphor still there. Smart controls just hide Ultrabeat, for example, behind a new-looking interface layer. I still find it non-intuitive to pencil in 32nd notes in the midi editor. I do like the pitch correction and iPad features but I think they should have overhauled the entire interface, not just most of it. Overall feels like an update that should have taken a year or two, if it had been that timespan I’d be happy with the amount of new features.

  14. I dont care about Logic (I use Cubase), but the Mac Book Pro on the picture intrigued me. Where is the disc drive ? And looks thinner… A new Mac Book before the hour ?

  15. Anybody got a spare $2000 so I can get a new Mac and totally upgrade to the new sonuvabeetch?

    I’d be willing to submit to the inevitable, but I don’t need to at present. I can see how someone would take to Live, but Logic is a mature extension of everything I learned from the first hardware sequencer I had onwards. I don’t find its work flow to be awkward, quite the opposite. Familiarity came quickly. I don’t have to defend a list of features; you can read them for yourself. Its just hard to imagine going elsewhere. At this point, Logic and I are like a driver and well-loved stick shift that works like butter because you can hear its every small change and mesh with it. I’m a cranky American. Being able to grab it and go instinctively is nirvana.

  16. I like that Apple waited to have a serious upgrade before releasing a new Logic.

    I don’t want to update my DAW that often, and didn’t like paying a lot for the Live update and then feeling like it was mostly fixes.

  17. Great updates, great price but no 32 bit plug ins. I can’t say their is anything new in this that can make me want to ditch my 32 bit pligins just yet. Plus apple over recent years have been poor when it comes to software bugs, mountain lion took 3/4 of a year nearly to get right …….and that’s debatable if thet actually did.

    Nice, but logic X can wait!

    1. Remember the dude that was always bitching that FL Studio didn’t have 64-bit support?

      I guess the shoe’s in the other foot….

  18. Just installed it – deffo worth the 140 quid. Having used Logic since ’97, I could feel aggrieved at how much I’ve spent on it over the years. But this update is soo ridiculously cheap compared to other major DAWs. The new Drummer thingy works (sometimes it’s a little too… human) and everything feels more responsive and better laid out.

    Now, I haven’t had the chance yet to see if it still has Logic’s atrocious timing…

        1. You’ll need to use Parallels or VMWare to install a virtual OS. A bit time consuming, but it beats having to buy a 2nd machine…

  19. Wow, either you love it (I think it’s all pretty cool, if not a GarageBand Pro), or you think it’s crap, or you’re pissed that it cost $200 for everyone.

    I realize how hard it is to make people happy, but as an owner of dang near every DAW out, it’s a pretty good deal. Protools, from 9 to 11, is $495, for us who skipped 10 since it really DIDN’T give us anything at all, I stopped with Ableton, just because I’m more of a traditional music creator, the “making music with little segments” idea is cool, but not for me, Cubase 7 and Logic ProX are very close as far as everythign costs, and my upgrade from 5 to 7 was $249. So, $200, no matter how you cut it, is the best out there today, especially for what one gets.

    Yes, the new synths rock, the drums are very good as well, the presets have all been upgrades, and allot of niggly things have been fixed. So, I’m happy, and will stand on the side of “happy they did something RIGHT”, and I still stand by my belief that “Logic is the best DAW to actually create music on for someone who doesn’t record bands” (Protools beats all comers in that arena).

    Happy days ahead!


  20. anyone rewire reason into it? i did what the manual said and it sort of works but it’s not showing the “rewire” object like docs show…

  21. It seems as though there are no improvements to the EXS 24 or Ultrabeat or effects such as Compression, Limiting and EQ. Also apart from Flex Pitch there are not improvements to audio editing.

    As a lecturer, I get ‘academic pricing’ so me recent purchase of Pro Tools 11 and update to Ableton Live 9 seem like bargains.

    Yes, the mixer improvements look good, yes the iPad stuff is sexy, and I hope the MIDI improvements might result in the possibility or routing MIDI from one plugin to another. But…. I have to say I am a bit underwhelmed.

    1. The fact that Apple allows the rest of the app to languish like this exposes its superficial marketing strategy for what it is.

      Ultrabeat in its current form is, at this stage in the game, embarrassing. It’s sort of like dressing up a half-groomed dog, while the rest of it remains mangey and flea-bitten.

      …All for only $200!

      1. yeah but dude if they change ultrabeat then a bunch of people who have projects with ultrabeat will come out of the woodwork whining how they changed it.

  22. there seems to be a lot of things I was expecting to see as Phil said above….. I really thought that with the time we waited for this, it would have been a knock out punch with a total overhaul of everything that was feeling dated 2 years ago… but they’re still there.

  23. It seems like they can never win. With Final Cut Pro X they were criticized because they overhauled the entire interface and came up with a whole new paradigm of movie editing. With Logic X they played a bit safer, included all te new stuff but kept it more grounded on the previous version, and yet people complain it should have been a bigger overhaul…

    For those who bought Logic 9 very recently, have you even tried getting in touch with Apple?

    $200 is a great price for such an app, even if you have to pay full price every three years with no upgrade path, I don’t see why all the complaining really, it’s the price of a couple plugins!

    1. my gripe isn’t with the price… it’s the fact that Apple – with it’s vast resources, manpower and ingenuity – spent 4 years of detailed development and still couldn’t find the time to update something so integral to Logic like the EXS 24.

      1. yeah, it is kind of disappointing for how long it was in development. if this was your average once every 18 months kind of update i’d say it was really good, even for that price, since you definitely got 200 bucks worth of plugins with it. However, it took them 4-5 years for this? What the hell were they working on that whole time?

      2. “my gripe isn’t with the price… it’s the fact that Apple – with it’s vast resources, manpower and ingenuity – spent 4 years of detailed development and still couldn’t find the time to update something so integral to Logic like the EXS 24.”

        So what do you think needed to be updated? Logic has a detailed sample editor under a separate tab. You can import and export readily. You can drop any EXS instrument into Ultrabeat and do unsanely fun things there. If you wanted the EXS24 to have 16-stage envelopes, sorry, but its a sample PLAYER masquerading as a subtractive synth. They added a healthy panel of CC routings to it a couple of generations back and that gave it added depth. I have a huge Autosampled and 3rd party library for it because its near-seamless to use. Also, it has snappy envelopes where some synths have been a bit sluggish in the attack stage.

        I’m not a big power user, but if you go even one layer deeper, the tools are pretty complete. Logic does so much, its faults seem negligible. Before I took it on, I’d heard that it was awkward and oblique to use, but that got banished quickly. I’m sure we all flesh out our DAWs with outboard instruments, but I feel the need for fewer OF them because I’m so covered. Besides, its pretty close to the studio-in-a-box dream. I’m not going to be a princess complaining about a pea 12 mattresses down. That’d be immoral when I have a convo reverb on tap for the picking. 😛

  24. It’s a great deal for a first time DAW buyer or at least a first time Logic Pro buyer! Excellent in that respect. However, having purchased Logic Pro before and remembering how I struggled to get the funds to pay for it, this makes me envious and leaves a bad taste that I would have to pay the same price as a 1st time user. $200 is a great initial price, but a lousy update price. The fascade here of course is that Apple doesn’t want buyers to think of this as an update but a newly ‘packaged’ product.

  25. Made the leap last night and have it up and running on three machines so far.

    One thing I was pleasantly surprised to find out it that all of my plugins were 64bit already.
    I didn’t lose any 32-bit soldiers. 😉

    The iPad integration is going to take some getting used to. It seems like it’ll be awesome when I actually figure out how to merge it with my normal workflow. Something tells me Apple will expend a lot of energy making the iPad useful in the studio. I can’t wait to see where this is headed. (I suppose Final Cut is probably next)

  26. Hey man, wasn’t Logic Pro X supposed to have a one click button you can push to publish to Soundcloud? Where is it man? RIP OFF!

  27. Hey man, wasn’t Logic Pro X supposed to have a one click button you push to publish to Soundcloud? Where is it man? RIP OFF!

  28. damn. i was naively hoping for *better* 32-bit integration. even though i’ve been an apple user for 15 years, i still haven’t learned my lesson that apple loves dropping old technology.

  29. Apple could have a policy that if a person buys Logic “y”, within 3 months of Logic “z”‘s release, they should get that update for free. I actually think they could make that period longer. The advantage would be that customers would be less hesitant to upgrade if they knew there was less self-kicking potential.

    I also think that even a modest discount for an upgrade would be welcome.

    I don’t like Logic, but have used MS2 for a while now, and am looking forward to learning about MS3. I think with some clever routing using Audio-MIDI Setup and SoundFlower, I’ll be able to port MIDI and audio to & from MS3 (respectively).

  30. Why no 32 bit support? Could not have been that difficult…Sure, all of the old projects will open, but all of those plugins now useless…Sigh of sadness…

    If they put a compatible app on the pad that syncs with the OS version, I am in, otherwise I am waiting for a significant update. For new users, it is a no brainer, and the best bargain in DAWs on the planet by miles.

    1. Logic Pro will strain your desktop, let alone your iPad.

      It will import Garageband tracks, but it will probably be a couple of years until an iPad can run logic.

  31. I love this version, upon seeing the news of its release on Synthtopia it’s been Christmas in July for me! The initial positive impact for me is the polished UI, the refreshed operations menu placement, the tasteful user customized panes, and the composition tools (I.e. virtual drummer). Yes, the disappointment is the lack of update, or complete overhaul, of EXS in particular. I have a good feeling that the logic team is listening and will respond to the rightfully overwhelming complaints of this aspect…they gotta have a reason for not addressing EXS this time around. And I still think that Ultrabeat is a rippin’ drum synth and beat maker. But, they DO have that audio to sampler function. One thing I really am still a little perplexed about is why they haven’t reimplemented the Logic as Midi Clock Slave sync option from many version ago…WTF? Almost all my soft synths are 64-bit with the exception of Vangard and Sid from Refx…whatever, those are kind of a mixed bag for me anyway. I like the direction of the Logic Remote presented by Apple too. I’m a nubee with it still, but I am stoked with the potential of it! Hey, I’m very thankful that Logic X finally arrived, I’ve anticipated this for far too long and, for me, it’s whole-heartedly welcomed. I’m a big Logic fan and have been since version 2.0

  32. I’d rather see new features than changes to already great soft synths.

    Several times I’ve seen VSTi updates that change the way your patches sound, and that f*cks up your old tracks!

    The three new virtual instruments look like they will be good additions.

  33. Waiting for 10.9 to hit to get macbook air. (And 8gb RAM to be standard)

    Still on 10.7 otherwise I would’ve purchased. 10.8 breaks some Redmatica things. Has Redmatica been integrated into X? I’m guessing/hoping it’s only a matter of time.

    Has audio editing really not improved at all?

    Environment still going? Interesting to see MIDI plug ins. Maybe we’ll be able to bundle environment creations as plugins.

    1. I use Autosampler and the only “flaw” I’ve ever found was that while it will sample entire banks from a synth (not something you’d do often anyway), many patches will have to be resampled due to the wide changes between them. Some will distort and others won’t trigger the sampling threshold. There are a few pads I could not sample as-is because of their envelope behaviors, but only a few. Using it is time-consuming, but you get absolutely useful rewards for your work. Its an elegant app you have to ride by hand for the best results, but its also as gratifying as hell. The day the Redmatica stuff comes out reconfigured Apple-style, I promise you’ll sit up and take notice.

    1. “CUBASE 4 EVER!”

      Heh heh… the appearance of Logic X is both interesting and disconcerting. With a few of its odd changes and promises of upgrade hassle as you re-align whatever your previous system used, the prospect makes me feel tired. Then I remember the MIDI cable madness and various blind alleys I had to visit to get to Now. That includes programs that ‘improved’ until they collapsed due to Bloat or upgrades that left me stuck with a white elephant. Now doesn’t look so bad. I think I’ll get over it.

  34. logic ? you know the latest version of cubase urinates heavily over all these features and has done for over a year.. apple need to stop making ‘kids apps’ and get back to making ‘pro apps’ 😛

  35. To those complaining about the upgrade price – you could buy Logic Pro and upgrade it three times at the current price before you would have spent as much as buying Live Suite.

    And Cubase is $500. And Pro Tools starts at $700 and costs $300 to upgrade.

    Apple simplified the pricing on Logic by eliminating stripped down versions of it and by just having one version and one price. Everybody gets the Pro version and they price it cheap enough that it’s affordable.

    This is going to keep the competition on its toes.

  36. Well, way to go apple.I was a windows guy for years.Two years ago my GF gave my an almost new macbook pro when she got a new MBAir. So I got into the Apple world,with some trepidation,as concerns affordability.Soon after, I also got a $100 used iPod 4 32Gig. Spent a few hundred on iTunes.
    A week ago my GF bought me Logic 9 as a 2-year anniversary surprise. She knew I was waiting to buy it,(but I wasn’t in too big a hurry due to cash constraints,and also somehow knowing they would go to Logic X as soon as I spent the $200)…My GF does not have a lot of money,she is on a disability pension ($1000/mo.) for leukemia for many years now. The MBP and Air were gifts from friends who have lots of $$$ and felt sorry when her old Macbook melted down,(after seeing her through six years at university).It also took six years of subsequent hard work with it on the meltdown,since the disc drive had broken down earlier,and she couldn’t afford any kind of new backup. So anyways,last week she splurges on Logic 9 for me with her very last $200…Now,in all honesty,I must say I’m not at all surprised this came out right after. Seems to be the pattern in our lives lately. You know I really actually do hate the elitist bastards in Cupertino.They’re a heartless mercenary bunch. Especially after the death of Jobs. I just feel really sad-I certainly don’t want to tell her that she could have waited one week, and got the new, and seemingly much-improved version. Like I said,way to go Apple, I’m really happy for you. I knew you could fuck us over one more time. It’s especially gratifying, knowing how they suck every last drop of blood out of those poor slobs who think they can play in Apple’s rarified country club environment.

  37. Apple objection analysis has finally evolved into Facebook flaming, if we ever touch you with a negative comment. I have been using Macs since 1983 (4-bit sound card), and I have saved endlessly to keep up. I have even worked for Apple for three years, and left stressed and bleeding out of every orifice. Chalk it up to “that’s business,” as I’ve heard from the average social engineer. But, here’s what I don’t get…
    How come after the Mac-obsessed masses talked shit about anything that wasn’t their baby, turned the entire internet into an angry force of flamers? You should be ashamed that this is what was grabbed from before the internet… I personally grabbed psychedelia, dancing, and outdoorsy hippieness from before the internet, and won’t let this new age of talking shit about basically anything outside my comfort-zone as a bit…. too fucked up… I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I couldn’t say something good AND something bad about something with which I am critical… it’s only right…

    1. Pete

      Most Apple users seem to have a fairly reasonable attitude – that they would rather spend a little more money to get a high-quality product and have a good user experience. Reviews, Consumer Reports and user satisfaction surveys do support the idea that Apple’s products are generally easier to use and more reliable than other products.

      Most Apple critics, though, seem to have the attitude that Mac users are a bunch of idiots, sheep or posers. They say things like “How come after the Mac-obsessed masses talked shit about anything that wasn’t their baby, turned the entire internet into an angry force of flamers?”

      Whew! Sorry that the mac-heads harshed your mellow….

  38. >>> They say things like “How come after the Mac-obsessed masses talked shit about anything that wasn’t their baby, turned the entire internet into an angry force of flamers?”

    That’s not a Mac issue; that’s the new sociology. Our leaders have proven to be low and feckless, Big Industry has come to matter more than either the employees or the customers, the suits have people thinking 4/4 *IS* the totality of Music and I brought my dogs inside when I realized it was so hot, we were all snapping at things in the air that weren’t there, ahem! Its a lot of stress brought on by greed, ignorance and misplaced expectations. A Chinese artist I just encountered said that “Culture is what I use to keep from falling prey to my animal nature.”I wish more people could see it his way. The Net provides an anonymous way to punch people in the nose, so flaming was inevitable, right after porn, ads and porn ads.

    So I dropped most of my idiot “social networking” as a time suck. That equaled less stress and more productive play. I’m really annoyed at a couple of Logic’s changes, but I also try to remember that this realm is downright magical. Have you ever had a total newbie walk in and watch you play? Remember how their eyes AND ears popped out because it was a world of new colors? I remember the supernatural feel of digging into a real Mellotron for the first time. I learned a lot in those first 5 minutes. I understood the majestic grace and why Wakeman would set fire to the SOB, too! I’d like for everyone to have that feeling, because that’s the real point of it all… and its the one thing the buggers can’t take from you or upgrade out of existence.

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