Dance Music Artists – It’s Time For A New Synth Sound!

Think popular dance music all sounds the same?

Check out this ‘epic mashleg’, via daleri, which combines 16 tracks, from 16 producers. Think it’s time for a new preset?


1. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike – Wakanda (Original Mix) [Intro] 2. FTampa – Kick It Hard (Original Mix)
3. Alvaro & Moti – NaNaNa (Original Mix)
4. Pyero – Genesis (Original Mix)
5. Chuckie, Dzeko & Torres – Down To This (Original Mix)
6. Makj – Springen (Original Mix)
7. Sini – Razz Up (Original Mix)
8. Pelari – Cango (Original Mix)
9. Krewella – Alive (Hardwell Remix)
10. Shermanology – The Only Way (Original Mix)
11. W&W – Thunder (Original Mix)
12. Gta, Henrix & Digital Lab – Hit It! (Original Mix)
13. Sultan, Ned Shepard, Fedde Le Grand – No Good (Extended Mix)
14. Henrix, Wayne & Woods – Jumangee (Original Mix)
15. Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon – Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)
16. Klauss Goulart & Mark Sixma – Rio (Original Mix)

38 thoughts on “Dance Music Artists – It’s Time For A New Synth Sound!

  1. this is why people hate dance music. or metal music. or any music that has become the home of mediocre copycat product. once the cool kids have left, the douches with macbooks move in.

    1. I agree with you! … but wait don’t put down my macbook 🙂 After all it is a great tool.
      But yes you are right. I grew up in times of hardware and bands who had a vision with electronics (Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, The Human League, Ultra Vox, Heaven 17, Kraftwerk, just to name a few…)

      1. did not mean to diss the macbook directly! more like the beats/mabook crowd who think you MUST own a set of beats and a macbook to make music .

  2. Why? I absolutely adore Rianna, DJ Antoine and all the RnB stuff that is being played 15 times a day on just about every radio station on this planet. Why learn anything about music from the past when we have so much beauty, geniuses and artists today?
    Fact is when synths were bulky, analogue or even with the early limited digital stuff, musicians were MORE creative as today where just about any idiot can produce a track in no less than 5 minutes with an iPad.
    Maybe this is why “real” synths are back in style. I think many electronic musicians are again in search of ways to express their soul rather than sound “up-to-date and in fashion”. So I believe there is still hope! 🙂

    1. No one is making tracks in 5 minutes on iPads and ending up on the top 100. It’s got nothing to do with soft synths, or tablets.

      1. It’s about hype these days. The promoters first question to you now is, “How many fans do you have on facebook?”

    2. If you don’t think Nave and Animoog are “real” synths, then you don’t know what a real synth is.

  3. So, these 16 songs are representative of the dance music genre?
    You can pick 16 songs in any genre that use the same “preset”/instrument.

    In this mashup, what strikes me the most is the use of the same single note and rithm:
    Tatatata tatatata ta tatata tatata

    1. Well they are all from that epic trance/house genre. It has been one of the walking dead for a long time and only djs who can’t mix proper, mix trance. It does every breakdown and buildup for you so all you have to do is autosync songs that are already mostly the same tempo anyhow. Trance is dj training wheels, sadly many djs never remove their training wheels.

  4. I know a lot of people (especially in here) want to pin at least part of this sad trend on Native Instruments, and Apple, etc. In reality, the modern virtual instruments provide far more avenues for creativity than the “real” synths (I always have to laugh when anyone uses that phraseology – as though the sound coming out the speakers is actually significantly different).

    So what is really going on here? Little to do with gear. It’s called business. Electronic music has become big money, and when any art form becomes big money rich douchebags run in to make their cut. Big companies with shareholders find ways to make profit margins. And making profit margins means finding the lowest common denominator product and selling as much of it as possible to the lowest common denominator consumer. Lowest common denominator producers make tracks (or have them ghost written) to get on the Beatport top 100 and get gigs. Douchebags get laid, live like stars and douchebags get bow out baircuts and do coke off the back of toilets in clubs.

    It happened to hip hop, it happened to rock, and now it’s happening to electronic. And as with the previous victims, those who are pure of musical soul will keep doing what they are doing. Making music they love and posting on internet message boards. :)-

      1. Being legit has nothing to do with your amount of plays, anywhere. Whether it’s a lot of it’s a little. Being legit is about making music you like, not music designed to sell records. It’s about being genuine. If you’re being genuine to yourself and no one listens, it’s still better than being a sellout.

  5. Other than when I briefly mis-read ‘GTA’ as ‘GZA’, I realized that I had heard of none of these ‘producers’.

    That mashup explains why…

  6. The I-IV-V is not evil (though far too over used and copied), it is the talentless hacks that make it evil. Any tool has its uses and abuses (yes including a MacBook), to condemn a tool because of the poor choices of those that use them is as silly is the person who blames his tools for poor craft. It is NEVER the tool and always the builder that is making a “thing”, the tool is just a means to accomplish said goal. The problem is not a hammer (or synth) but that idiot that tries to hit you in the head with it (or said synth).

    1. It’s not a chart – it’s a tracklisting of the tracks that make the mashup above it!

      Point being – it’s hard to tell them apart because they use such similar sounds and beats.

  7. the douche bags with macbooks are the ones that made it originally before some lazy bastard came along and samples it

  8. With all due respect to everyone involved, this is the difference between music made by technicians and music made by musicians. Ultimately, you want both approaches involved. If you only have one of those avenues to apply to the creative process, you will never produce anything new in the other, and stagnation occurs. Repetitive cheesy dance music is as dull to me as the 12 bar blues progression that has been beat to death… the former is technicians stagnating musically, and the latter is musicians stagnating technically.

  9. its the same shit with uplifting, electro, progressive, dubstep
    its hard to find original music in any genre no only the EDM

  10. this is freaking great! this is the crap i hear every time i turn on xm radio to area… i hear alot of good stuff on Area, but yeah, alot of this miami, guido, snare drum hit on the last 4th or 8th beat BS.

  11. You can make mash-ups like this out of any style of music. No music is original, any anthropologist (or person who has ever learned anything for that matter) can tell you this. Get off your high horses and quit posting negative crap in comments sections. If everyone who complained about other peoples bad taste weren’t in the same boat, you wouldn’t have time for these petty flame-offs.

    Go write some music. Use presets even, I will still dance!

  12. Nicely rendered, but so true that it was more painful than fun. Damnit, I used to love the supersaw sound. Now its about as unusable as a James Brown hit. I really enjoy some dance, but its driving synth design too much. Well, it is. I know, I know, I’ll just go back behind the amps.

  13. Heh. That was awesome.

    …That having been said: I really hope they don’t do this for Berlin School music. :S

  14. “mashleg” makes me think of a turkey leg stuffed with mashed potatoes

    feel free to use that btw

  15. This stuff is shit, to be sure, but maybe it’s equally that the listeners have become oversaturated with music, and their own shitty opinions. 😀

    1. but who cares about your shitty opinion? 🙂


  16. What is more surprising is that people actually buy this shit, over and again. Beatport and other digital download stores charts have nothing to do with sales sadly, a label can pay to be in a “promotion” to buy a chart position, so independants have become just like the majors, if you want to find decent non hyped honest music then forget any of the big digital stores, look on bandcamp and support artists directly.

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