Signals From An Elusive Muse – A ‘Mid-Century’ Electronic Music Studio Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a ‘mid-century’ electronic music studio jam by Rod Mitchell, aka Atomic Shadow.

Mitchell works in a sort of alternate future retronica style, inspired by the music of early electronic music pioneers and the soundtracks of classic science fiction films. 

Here’s what he has to say about his piece, Signals From An Elusive Muse:

This improvised piece was recorded live, in one take. It features the equipment that is being evaluated to build a mobile Command Center. The EMW200/300, Eico signal generator, Roland SP-404SX, small format Mackie mixer, and effects pedals by Electro Harmonix, Line 6, Strymon, Moog and one Korg Kaoss pad. The piece also features the Ensoniq SD-1.

4 thoughts on “Signals From An Elusive Muse – A ‘Mid-Century’ Electronic Music Studio Jam

  1. I love the music and the whole ‘look’ of his stuff – sort of retro-modernism (for want of a better term).
    For me it is such a refreshing change to much of the music presented on this site (a matter of taste, I know). No incessant 4/4 beat, no DAW, no insipid 8 note sequence repeated ad-infinitum – it’s what I would have called ‘electronic music’ when I were a lad.
    His albums are good too.
    Go Rod! You…er…rock.

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