Sunday Synth Jam: QuNeo + Nanostudio + Turnado + Loopy

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam and tutorial, via Otemrellik, makes extensive use of the recently introduced Keith McMcillen Instruments QuNeo.

Technical details:

The QuNeo is paired with Nanostudio, Turnado, Loopy and Audiobus to make a nice, laid-back jam. Also: nice short explanation at the beginning of what hardware and applications he’s using, and a little about how it works together.

Unfortunately, there’s no explanation for the creepy baby-head thing!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Synth Jam: QuNeo + Nanostudio + Turnado + Loopy

  1. And people dis iOS music, I though it was a nice jam. Feeling a little inspired to go back to using it for more than Lemur again.

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