Synth Jams Explore Gestural Control With GECO, Leap Motion Controller & Pictures Of Bacon

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Geert Bevin updated us about his new gestural music control application, GECO, for use with the Leap Motion:

GECO for Leap Motion is one month young and more than 1500 musicians have adopted GECO! Many videos have been posted on YouTube, going into a large variety of directions.

Bevin has created a Showcase section on the GECO site that features performances that highlight the potential of GECO + Leap Motion combination.

The video above, by Enrico Bertelli, explores the ideas of an ‘augmented snare drum’.

Here’s what Bertelli has to say about it:

This performance is the result of an autobiographical reflection on the design and performance practice of an augmented hybrid instrument. Created with a MakeyMakey board, its core design principle is to substitute the complex, synthetic appearance of a MIDI drum kit with a visually appealing arrangement of small commonplace objects. The snare’s head is drawn with conductive ink and, well rested at the top of the instrument, lies a LeapMotion for that extra expressiveness.

The instrument’s palette is expanded by the performer’s addition of imaginary instruments. Undefined in shape and freely hanging in space, they provide the audience with indeterminate performative elements open for interpretation in the sonic performance.The instrument’s simple, recognisable construction narrows the distance between performer and audience, while highlighting the fascinating action-reaction element of live performance.

In the following video, Bertelli explains the tech behind his setup:

Here’s another example of creative use of the GECO + Leap Motion combination.

Beatboxer/electronic musician Ryo Fujimoto, aka Humanelectro, use the gestural control system to create an expanded beatboxing system. He controls effects with the right hand, the left hand used to create synth sounds based on his vocal sounds on the spot. The piano and drum sounds are controlled with right hands.

Check out these examples of gestural control with the GECO + Leap Motion combo and let us know what you think! See Bevin’s site for more examples and details on GECO.

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  1. My friggin dog!!!!!!!!!!!! The leap motion and the endless experimental and performance possibilities leaves me with a raging hard on. Man I cant wait untill I finally can afford some (yes, plural).

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