FL Studio Mac Now Available For Public Beta

Image Line today announced that it FL Studio for Mac OS X is now in public beta.

FL Studio for Mac was originally introduced in 2011, when Image Line announced that they were looking for experienced users for beta testing. As of today, any registered FL Studio user can download and use it.

FL Studio Mac is not a native Mac application, but is the Windows version running in a ‘Crossover’ wrapper that enables it to run on OS X. This means that it will not have a native Mac UI or perform as well as a native app. Image Line notes, “This is an experimental project and the response from testers will decide if and how we proceed with it.”

Details on downloading and installing FL Studio Mac are available at the Image Line site.

17 thoughts on “FL Studio Mac Now Available For Public Beta

  1. a public beta (that requires a license) of a wrapped windows app that won’t work with mac au or vsts

    beyond awesome.

    think i’ll stick to bitwig on an android phone rooted to run a linux emu, thanks.

  2. Crikey, that’s a very lazy approach. I know that for various technical reasons a Mac port is tricky (FL is written in Delphi, so you can’t just compile it for another OS) but they could always use the iOS codebase as a starting point. After all you can compile iOS apps to work on OSX with only a few minor changes.

  3. no hate against fl, i find its sequencer the most pleasurable to use, but this is almost insulting.
    i remeber it being announced in 2011 and it took them this long to just make you use the wrapper?
    no matter the popularity of the fl, this is one of the reasons they cant shake the image they have.

  4. Nice. Don’t care what are the implementation details as long as it works. It was the only software I use that I could not have in my MBP (don’t wan’t bootcamp).

    If this can use some Windows VSTs I have it will be awesome.

  5. I can understand them wanting to test the water with something like this – but it’s a kludge and the fact that they’ve been working on it for two years is not very promising.

  6. Delphi?! Seriously?!
    These guys really need to just bite the bullet and rewrite their software in C++ or Objective C. I mean It must be hard to hire and maintain a staff of seasoned Delphi developers these days.

    1. I know., when I found out I laughed myself silly. The last time I saw anyone use Delphi was in the late 90s. There’s nothing wrong with Pascal as a language, but it’s very old, and nowhere near as popular or versatile as C++/ObjectiveC

      1. what is very fun is that FL studio is the most efficient, intelligently coded of the gallaxy…..it may come from the people who are coding rather than the technology itself…..I don’t care..

  7. Ok, I feel a -little- better after checking the Jobs section of their website.
    Among the talent they are looking for are:

    “Young promising developers (Delphi, C++, Assembly)”

  8. Another in a long line of apps ported to Mac in a very half-ass way, which will fail. Then the company will blame the failure on the Mac market instead of their half ass approach for some extra market share, and never do another Mac app again.

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