9 thoughts on “Korg Volca Beats Sounds

    1. analog drum machine. with a sequencer. a gimmick?
      liking it or not is one thing but discarding it as a gimmick makes me question either your intelligence or sanity.
      or both.

  1. excellent illustration of the sound capabilities of the volca beats. I’m surprised how much variety it has and the PCM sounds add a ton. Thanks for this and I will certainly be looking for your future volca videos…

  2. Cool video, humorous too. Synths are funny things. As well as objects of sublime magick and worship (of course! lol). Thanx for posting. There are thousands of us waiting for the Volcas as expectantly as Ralphy from “A Christmas Story”.
    Good stuff, and for not too much cash.
    : )

  3. I’m curious to see if Marc finds the Keys noisier than the others like NIck from Sonicstate did or if it’s a matter of some Volcas being noisy and some not due to manufacturing variability no matter which model it is.

  4. not really sure if i am getting this. hard to resist at the price tho.
    my sub bass is jumping.
    imagine sampling loops into a 12bit sampler. i bet it would do wonders to the graininess of it.
    mhm..i think i just convinced myself to buy it.

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