Wait To Upgrade To iOS 7, Says Audiobus Developer

ios-7If you use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for audio, you should wait to upgrade to iOS 7, says Audiobus co-developer Michael Tyson:

We’re on the cusp of iOS 7, and I’m here to urge caution: If you rely on music apps, please don’t update yet.

iOS 7 audio is not ready. There are a wide variety of bugs that are causing performance problems, crashes and other problems in a large number of music apps.

This may change in the future, but until we see a few point releases for the OS, I strongly urge you to stick with iOS 6.

Audiobus co-developer Sebastian Dittman adds, “We’re posting here because we feel like we need to warn users…..that they might experience bugs with iOS 7’s audio system in day-to-day use as musicians.”

CDM’s Peter Kirn echoes this sentiment, noting that users have reported audio performance issues and bugs.

Waiting to upgrade computers used for audio is best practice for any system update – major system changes frequently require OS updates and app updates to optimize performance of music and audio apps. If you rely on iOS music apps, you should wait to update or expect some speed bumps for the near future.

If you’ve used iOS 7, let us know what your experiences are with it!

33 thoughts on “Wait To Upgrade To iOS 7, Says Audiobus Developer

  1. There are two schools of thought here, one is the one prresented here; to hold back and wait, let all the other suckers root out the bugs!

    The other is, if you’re not using your iOS device in live performance i.e. non-critical use, you really should upgrade and help squash those bugs!

    1. Do you really think it’s realistic for Apple, or any company, to test compatibility with 800,000+ third-party apps?

      There will be bugs in apps and in iOS 7 that will need to be addressed – the Audiobus guys are just being realistic and saying to wait a bit, if you don’t want to have to deal with this.

      1. Ignorance is bliss hey…I wonder how many folks actually understand what is happening in the thin space under their fingers… maybe they just think developers press a button and the computer and software does all the work for them; produces perfect code that can foresee every eventuality and self-evolve to handle every possibility in a universe of trillions of options!

        Maybe this will happen one day, but I doubt it will be in our lifetimes, until then we’re stuck in an imperfect world… imperfect, but miraculous all the same; I guess it’s possible to forgive those who just believe it’s magic, as sometimes it really does seem like it!

        1. I handle emails for an iOS app and it does seem like people believe exactly this. They assume that if they request a new feature, for example, we could just flip a switch and the feature would pop into existence.

  2. Come on man, iOS developer preview has been out for like 6 months, if you didn’t get your app working in time then you are just lazy. Don’t blame Apple because you screwed around all summer instead of getting your apps ready.

    1. Let me fix that for you:

      Come on man, iOS developer preview has been out for just over 3 months, if you didn’t get your app working in time then you should rethink your development strategy and commitment to your customers. However, Apple shares in this blame by not allowing enough time for major framework changes to be absorbed by the development community.

  3. Apple is a very profitable corporation with a reputation for very well developed hardware and software.
    In addition, they charge a premium for their products which in most cases I feel is justified. With that in mind ,I am not interested in being a beta tester for them, unless there is due compensation. I use my iPad daily in the professional context of a musician as well as a technical director for a music venue.
    So no, I won’t be upgrading until it solid. I’ve been thrown under the bus by an update before and I have no interest in having that happen again. My opinion and three dollars will get you a cup of coffee.

  4. Being cautious about upgrading to new OS on any platform is always a good thing.
    Meantime, there is an avalanche of iOS 7 music app updates coming through Apple store and a lot of them beginning to include Apple Inter-App Audio support.

  5. this makes me chuckle. why dont they just come out and say, our product isnt avail/ready for use on iOS 7 yet, not iOS7 isnt ready for our product…..

    1. Because the OS itself has plenty of bugs even with such basic functions such as changing from vertical to horizontal view.

      Stupid to blame app developers…

  6. Funny that this comes from the one developer who will lose the most because of iOS 7. Audiobus is going to lose a lot of business to Inter-App Audio, so of course they want to keep users from upgrading.

    1. Well, you saw right through their nefarious scheme- good for you! Now go upgrade all your iDevices and tell us how it went….

      1. As I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear, it went without a hitch.

        It says so much that something like this seems unfathomable to non-Apple users.

  7. ios7 was rushed out to meet hardware release deadlines for iphone 5c and iphone 5s as chris pirillo observed there are many inconsistent u.i. areas in this release compared to ios6 it’s even worse for ipad with more sloppy design work and choppy framerate animations on core operating system level tasks.

  8. I just got a letter from Native Instruments, warning it’s users NOT to upgrade. Apparently, iOS7 and Traktor don’t like each other yet.

  9. I have two ipads and one iphone. I am leaving one ipad with ios 6 to make sure I can use it, but on the other two devices I am forging ahead. I don’t use the phone for music much, so I started with that, and I really like everything they have changed. It’s a very slick OS. I figure worst case scenario I have to uninstall and reinstall some music apps. Eh.

    1. Nonononono, you got it all wrong. With this update, everything went to hell, you just can’t see it, because of Apple’s distortion field. Just look at all the downvotes for proof!
      [sad trombone]

  10. so i upgraded to ios 7 cause i really don’t care and said fuck it.
    animoog , figure and filtatron work fine for me. only gripe is the folders and strip on the lower apps has no transparency or size option. so if you like your backround might not want to update.

    consider this a gift from me to u

  11. The only real way to CYA is to stay about 1.5 generations back, with a stabilized system. I got skinned a time or two learned early in my use of softsynths, so I learned to keep an eagle eye on the dance of the versions. Its why I save tons of material as EXS24 files in Logic, because most softsynths will eventually turn into one kind of toast or another. I also trust people like Camel Audio to do as they’ve always done: report on where they are when a change occurs. You don’t get caught out in the cold suddenly and they walk you through the fine points. If you’re discerning about what you take on, you can avoid the major pitfalls with simple vigilance. Give this a little time and the dust will settle.

  12. Note to self: If you post things right after you take Nyquil, your sentence structure sometimes turns into a pool of melted gummi bears on a hot dashboard. If you plug your gear in while you have wet feet, its about like taking a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time. Stop that! 😛

    1. Holy crap, someone up in here has a sense of humor! Quick everyone, treat him like shit!

      I liked it. Please take more Nyquil.

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