Avast, Me Hearties! Free Secret Base Design Apps On Talk Like A Pirate Day

Patrick Madden, at Secret Base Design, let us know that MIDImorphosis, their pitch-to-midi app now has polyphonic support working in the newest version. (With a caveat: “it’s an update to the latest Audiobus SDK — as far as I can tell, there are no compatibility problems with iOS 7, but we’re trying to keep in step with everyone to minimize the grief”).

Also, there’s a connection to today’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day: Madden helped a friend turn a pirate-themed board game into an app, which they’re promoting today. Madden says it seemed like a fun reason to drop the price on the other (non-pirate-themed) apps for the day.

So…  MIDImorphosis, and their spectrum analyzer, Spectral Eye Pro, are both free on the 19th. (And if you’re interested in the pirate game app, here’s the link).

geistpiratenAnd here’s a picture of some ghost pirates, to get you inspired about talking like a pirate today.

4 thoughts on “Avast, Me Hearties! Free Secret Base Design Apps On Talk Like A Pirate Day

  1. I saw a pirate move the other day, I forgot the name of it , but it was rated AARRGGHH.
    Would a keyboard man have any use for this app?
    Not a hot debate, do you agree?

  2. Arrr!

    @chezzdog — MIDImorphosis is really aimed at guitarists, but it can analyze recordings, and convert those to MIDI. I had one user ask if it would work with Figure — and sure enough, you can run a simple Figure lead through (either a recording, or with Audiobus), and get semi-useful MIDI out the other side. And everyone seems to like Spectral Eye because it’s pretty. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can get your money back ;-).

  3. Well, I am a synth guy, but I’ll give it a try: it could be fun, say to run my CS30 sequencer through MidiMorphosis and control some midi devices with it. Thanks for the free download day!

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