Magellan 3.0 Adds Inter-App Audio, iOS 7 Compatibility

magellan-synthesizer-ipadYonac Software has released an update to Magellan, its software synth for iPad.

Key features of Magellan 3.0 include support for Inter-App Audio, iOS 7 compatibility, better MIDI support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Magellan 3.0:

  • Inter-App Audio: use Magellan 3.0 as an instrument plugin with Inter-App Audio compatible hosts
  • Completely updated & tested for iOS 7!
  • More powerful MIDI framework:
    • Faster MIDI I/O handling
    • Inter-App Audio MIDI support
    • Keyboard splitting with settable split in channel, left/right out note ranges, learn & invert
    • Improved MIDI-UI interaction
    • Import/Export Magellan MIDI CC Maps
    • Individual MIDI Out channels for the synth engines
    • Individual MIDI In on/off toggles for the synth engines
  • Many improvements and new features, including:
    • Master FX mix
    • Increased max polyphony to 10 per-engine for iPad 2 or newer
    • Envelope curve selection for VCA and FM envelopes
    • Extended octave range for Osc 3 with key tracking off
    • Direct one-touch access to either synth engine’s control panels, arp or cordmaker
    • Continuously settable filters tracking
    • 59 new modulation outlets for the XY-pad and the modwheels
    • Presets now save BPM data
    • BPM Lock feature: specifies if you want BPM data to be loaded with a preset
    • Bounce whole sequences or individual patterns to audio via Song Library -> Export
    • Adjustable touch-velocity sensitivity
    • Preset & Bank renaming
    • A new free preset bank (“Boleskine”)
    • Target-foreground-synth mode for the XY-pad
    • One-touch waveform selection
    • Continuously adjustable knob response: set to “Fine” to make precise adjustments to a knob-controlled parameter
    • UI improvements
  • Introducing In-App Purchasing (iOS 6 or later):
    • New professional preset packs available for purchase within Magellan’s Store
    • Atlantic – 65 new presets from Yonac Inc.
    • The Explorer Series from Sunsine Audio – available as individual 64 preset packs or one bundle of 192 presets
  • Updates to latest Audiobus & Sonoma SDKs
  • Many other improvements

Magellan is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used Magellan, let us know what you think of it!

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