9 thoughts on “Inter-App Audio In Auria (Sneak Preview)

  1. I totally love the innovation that mobile music making brings, but I cannot come to terms with fine tuning circular knob functions on a small screen. The first company to create a wi-fi control surface that has an instant learn feature, whereby you touch the function you want to control on screen and the next button you turn on the hardware becomes that controller has my money.

  2. Love the idea of Inter-App Audio. Of course AudioBus was first to implement this kind of functionality, but since this is now part of Core iOS 7, it is so much more intuitive (and elegant) to use and one doesn’t have to rely on third party app running in background and chewing on precious resources.
    After just few hours of iOS 7 release we already have 7 apps that include Inter-App Audio. Many, many more will follow for sure…
    Love it 🙂

  3. Few more years
    And we’ll be able to make a complete track with tablets.
    Really looking forward to it.

    But first looking forward to interapp audio update of DM1 🙂

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