Interstellar Suite Anniversary Edition Now Available

interstellar-suite-25th-anniversaryTriplet Records has released the silver anniversary edition of The Interstellar Suite – a pioneering work of symphonic electronic music.

The Interstellar Suite 25th Anniversary Edition is available in High Definition 5.1 surround sound as a 96/24 HiRes .flac download at High Res Audio, a high resolution music download service based in Germany. A HiRes stereo .flac version is also available.

The Interstellar Suite, Bhatia’s first album, is an original symphonic composition, orchestrated for synthesizers. Bhatia’s work builds on the work of Tomita and Wendy Carlos, but benefits from a decade of technical advancements from the time of their best-known works. The arrangements are for a ‘synthesizer orchestra’, prominently featuring the Moog Minimoog. The work was sequenced on a Roland MCA500, with only 16 MIDI channels.

You can learn more about the history of The Interstellar Suite, and the details behind its electronic orchestration, in our interview with Amin Bhatia.

The Interstellar Suite 25th Anniversary Edition

Initial reviews say that the new ‘HD’ mixes of the work, engineered by Frank Morrone, are “a thorough workout for an audiophile 5.1 surround sound system.” With 90db of dynamic range, “the quiets are soundless and the louds are stentorian.”

Bhatia says that he is doing “a soft rollout” of the Anniversary Edition, starting with download, with a Blu-Ray edition to follow. See the project site for the Anniversary release for more details.

A high resolution download (.flac file) will playback via USB stick in a .flac compatible home theatre. (Sony/Marantz/Denon etc.). See the TripletRecords site for details on the release.

2 thoughts on “Interstellar Suite Anniversary Edition Now Available

  1. I cannot really appreciate it. It sounds oldschool 80’s film music. And you can hear that it is artificial. If that was the goal, than he should have emphasized it by using more synth sounds instead of strings and brass. Now it just sounds awful.

  2. I think you could say that Tomita, Wendy Carlos, Larry Fast and John Carpenter sound dated, too. That doesn’t change the fact that they were pushing the limits of what was possible at the time and making great music. For a lot of people, the fact that it’s ‘old-school’ is part of its charm.

    The Interstellar Suite isn’t as well known as some ‘classical synth’ stuff, but Bhatia wrote and arranged it as a piece for an orchestra of synthesizers. So it doesn’t have a lot of funny sounds in it, but it sounds like a bunch of people playing synths expressively.

    Film composers have mostly switched to using sample-based instruments because of their realism, but I’d like to hear more artists doing what Bhatia was doing then and what Vangelis has done throughout his career, making synths sound as expressive as a classical orchestra.

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