New DIY Vocoder From Music From Outer Space


Synth DIY provider Music From Outer Space has introduced a new vocoder project.


  • Built in White/Pink Noise Source
  • Built in Square/Pulse Oscillator
  • Mic/Line Inputs for Control and Audio
  • Good Dynamic Response To Voice Control
  • ‘Reasonably Intelligible’ Speech Processing

This vocoder design works by using one lo-pass filter (100 Hz.), ten successively tuned band-pass filters (154, 208, 285, 395, 542, 720, 1013, 1495, 2000, 2546 Hz.) and one hi-pass filter (3330 Hz.) to separate the incoming control signal into its harmonic constituents. For each band, the control signal appearing at the output of its corresponding filter is full wave rectified and low pass filtered to obtain the control signal’s envelope voltage. This signal is used to drive a VCA through which the channel’s filtered audio is amplitude controlled.

Designer Ray Wilson notes, “This is an advanced project requiring understanding of electronics and electronic building and trouble shooting skills and equipment. Access to a good oscilloscope, DVM, bench power supply, soldering station and hand tools will be required.”

See the MFOS site for details.

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