Mountain Oasis VIP Pass Contest

mountain-oasis-music-summitTHUMP is holding a contest with a pretty sweet prize: two VIP tickets for the sold-out Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, along with hotel accommodations.

The music festival will be October 25 – 27 in Asheville, NC. The 50+ festival acts range from Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails and Bassnectar to Tara Busch and Big Black Delta and Autre Ne Veut.

The contest entry deadline is October 9. You can enter the contest here.

For more on the genesis of the Mountain Oasis festival, check our archives. Moogfest is still happening in Asheville, next spring, under new auspices.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Oasis VIP Pass Contest

  1. It sounds like Moogfest will be the event for real synth freaks. These guys were turning it into just another music festival.

  2. I got the sense that the people who were just into the big “music festival” scene will be happy with Mountain Oasis event, and the “real synth freaks” will have a return to a more synth-focused event with Moogfest. Let your freak flag fly, I say.

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