Sonnox Debuts Codec Toolbox

Plug-in developer Sonnox has partnered with mp3 inventor Fraunhofer IIS to create a new solution for encoding music for the web, Codec Toolbox.  Codec Toolbox offers real-time codec auditioning, metadata editing and batch encoding for musicians, DJ’s, engineers and producers of recorded sound for the web.

Codec Toolbox Key Features: Sonnox Codec Toolbox

  • Real-time codec auditioning
  • Multiple codecs (MP3, iTunes, AAC, HE AAC, HD AAC, etc)
  • Anti-clipping tools
  • Bit rate controls / target file sizes
  • Easy metadata editing, including such fields as BPM, lyrics, cover art, etc, in addition to “normal” things like title, artist, genre, etc.
  • Batch encoding, high-quality encoding

Codec Toolbox is comprised of two applications: the Toolbox Plug-In, for real-time mix auditioning through various codecs; the Toolbox Manager is used for encoding and adding metadata.

Pricing and Availability. The Codec Toolbox is available today at a price of £35 GBP (about $55 US). A free 15-day trial (and additional information) is available at

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