Virsyn Intros Cube Synth For iPad

virsyn-cube-synthVirsyn has introduced Cube Synth – a new software instrument designed to combine the power of additive synthesis with easy editing and morphing capabilities.

Here’s what Virsyn has to say about Cube Synth:

Intelligent sound morphing capabilities enables you to easily create complex evolving sound scapes, vocal phrases or stunning rhythms simply by choosing up to four sound sources from a predefined set. Then add one of the predefined envelopes and a unique, complex sound preset containing thousands of parameters is created! If you want to dive deeper into the inner secrets of this synthesis monster you can manipulate each parameter individually to get precise control over the sound. A number of high level parameters such as Brightness and Harmonic spread control hundreds of synthesis parameters in a way modeled after the inner workings of natural instruments.

Cube Synth gives you also a new method of getting randomly generated sound patches in a way you never experienced before: roll the dice! Every single try gives you a new unique sound patch, really every try, promised…

Here’s a demo of Cube Synth in action:



  • over 400 sound presets
  • four morphable sound sources
  • up to 512 partials per voice
  • harmonic/inharmonic spectra
  • arbitrary noise spectra
  • morphable filter banks
  • 3 Envelopes with tempo sync
  • 64 time/level segments per envelope


  • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps.
  • Can trigger single notes and chords.
  • Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
  • 32 Arpeggios included, unlimited useer arpeggios possible.
  • For each step you can program tie, accent, transposition and note order


  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Overdrive
  • Ensemble
  • Echo/Delay
  • Reverb


  • Audiobus compatible (Output)
  • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI
  • Audio recorder with Metronome.
  • Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
  • Audio pasteboard.

Cube Synth is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used Cube Synth, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

19 thoughts on “Virsyn Intros Cube Synth For iPad

  1. Just downloaded and played with this. Very nice – especially for pads and atmospheric synth sounds. It’s very suitable for some of the music in my style so – great job Virsyn! πŸ™‚

    Controlling the sound shape is very easy and fairly intuitive if you understand how to create sounds already. The Arpeggiator is also interesting – with the ability to modify accent, note, octave, key etc. and again quite intuitive to set and use.

    Showed up in Audiobus’ Input slot right away. Ran through Echo Pad in the FX slot.

    Works well. BTW – I tried this on iOS 7. I recently purchased an iPad mini for the express purpose of testing audio apps on iOS 7 as a sort of guinea pig approach before altering any other functioning iOS 6 devices. Clean install of iOS 7 on top of iOS 6 out of the box. Then I loaded up the various synth apps I have, as well as FX and recording apps like Cubasis and Auria and I’ve done a quick “runs and plays” series of tests on a reasonably wide range of those apps. The results are posted on my blog.

    The tests are still in progress but the initial results are very promising and might lead me to update at least one other studio iPad to iOS 7 sooner rather than later. However I haven’t stressed anything yet to see what breaks when under load, but everything seems to be working OK at the moment – including some older and not recently maintained apps like SynthX and others which have not been definitively updated for iOS 7. Also tested with some hardware using a 30-pin to lightning adapter as well which worked OK. Check the blog for details.

    Kind regards

    Derek Jones, Owner: MusicInclusive LLC

  2. WOW!! Thanks a heap Virsyn!!! I have been hoping for the Cube to come on the ipad with the modulation possibilities the multitouchscreen gives πŸ™‚ Love your Addictive Synth, so now I just have to wait for my paycheck to come, and its straight of to the appstore πŸ™‚

  3. I think synths like this are beginning to define the iPad for music. Its a solid step upwards. You can do subtractive things casually from a thousand angles now, but modifying harmonic spectra is a major PITA on a desktop. The sweep- or peck-ability of a touchscreen brings life to the method. I’m not convinced about pads yet, but this is helping my big fat attitood! Virsyn has always been mildly cockeyed, offering left-field twists different from even other boutique-ish houses, but a few GUI blunders aside, the quality of their muscle has always been stout. Good one, guys.

    1. OK….had to buy it…works well on my iPad 1 which isn’t the case with many of the new synthesizer apps! Now if I can only find the time to play it. I spent an hour or two with BeepStreet’s Sunrizer and its default bank last night and that is one of the first apps I bought so “long” ago. Good times if you have the time.

  4. You know you are in an odd situation when you see a video like the one for Virsyn’s Cube and you say, “Oh, no! Not another incredibly fine synth at such an incredibly low price. ($9.99)” Too many great toys! After all, I just bought TC-11 yesterday and have only played with the first couple presets.

    1. Yeah, I’m at the “buy to support this kind of thing, with no expectations I’ll ever have time to dig deep” stage of iSynths.

      There are worse problems to have πŸ™‚

    1. The iPad has become an excellent platform for softsynths. Add a MIDI controller and you’ve got amazing power to explore!

      The gap now is that workflows aren’t worked out as well as a lot if people need. I’m looking forward to checking out the new iConnectMidi interfaces – they’ll route MIDI and digital audio in and out of your daw.

  5. So glad to see the Cube ported for IOS .
    This was the first soft synth I ever used.
    Thanks VirSyn… Running on iPad 1, ver5.1.
    Don’t update Fairlight or mini on Gen 1 iPad ,
    How do you reinstall to older version?

    1. There only used to be one option open to people that wanted an older version of an app, which was to have kept a backup themselves.
      Now however, Apple allows ‘the last compatible’ version of an app to be downloaded.
      Make sure you’ve backed up any applicable data created with the app in question, then delete the app, enter the App Store, and then when you try to download an app that has moved on to a later version of iOS, you will be alerted to the fact and asked if you would like to download the last compatible version.

  6. looks very interesting.

    hopefully the patch folder and saving methods are better than addictive synth’s, which are very frustrating for me.

    any insights?

    can you e-mail patchesmto other people/yourself?

  7. Thank you Virsyn for porting this excellent additive synth to IPad. I used to use this synth so much in the past and still use the desktop version some. This port is just spectacular and very intuitive. The additions the touchscreen has made for this synth are Awesome.

  8. Romeo – If I have the latest version of an app in iTunes and installed on a current device, and I install “latest compatible version” of the same app on my iPad I… what happens when I sync the older device with ITunes? Will I now have TWO versions of the same app In iTunes, or (worst case) will it overwrite the newer version?

    1. Well, sometimes ago I consolidated all my previous iTunes libraries into one directory, and it allowed different versions of the same ap to coexcist, as they were all labeled with the version number; even if that’s not the case now, when the newer version is copied into your library, the old version will be deleted and placed in the recycle bin – then simply remove it and keep it somewhere safe;; I have an external HDD just for keeping a copy of every app, in case there’s a bug or I prefer the older version etc.
      I find it good practice to check the recycle bin after every sync operation, as you may forget which apps you’ve updated – yes, I’m a slave to my OCD, Lol. but it’s saved me from countless problems.

  9. Has some striking similarities to Image-Line’s Morphine, which is an additive synth that morphs between four settings in much the same way. I wish IL would continue to develop Morphine, as it has extraordinary potential. But I digress. Virsyn is making some cool stuff.

  10. I hvae played around with this a while now, and are very pleased. Good synth engine and easy-to-operate UI. A coulple of things though. First of. It shows up as Addictive synth in PolyStepArp, but works fine. The background audio turns itself of if I dont use it for a few minutes. Thats a tad irritating. Allthoug great selection of effects, I would like to see them more powerful. Espesially the delay. I would also like to be able to use the LFOs in the modulator section. As of now, they only work to the buttons besides them (lfo f for picht, a for spread).
    One thing I am very pleased with is the random button for presets. That one actually produce really workable presets, wich makes it fast and simple to find new presets. (yes, I am a random-buff πŸ™‚ ).
    Soundmodulating is simple, and familiar to anyone that has the Addictive Synth.
    I havent quite gotten the hang of the envelopes proporly, but they are the heart of the synth and makes you able to make incredibly evolving sounds.
    The arpeggiator is the same as on the Addictive Synth. Simple, good random buttons and in all simple to use. And if you make the “right” sound, it can sound like it actually has more steps then it has πŸ™‚

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