Twisted Tools Metamorph ‘Fuses Electroacoustic & Designed Sound Effects’

 metamorph-electroacoustic-designed-soundsTwisted Tools has introduced Metamorph – a new sample library that ‘fuses electroacoustic and designed sound effects.’

Metamorph was developed by Italian sound artists BJM Mario Bajardi and Komplex (Iter-Research). The sample library takes heavily processed violins, pianos and acoustic instruments and morphs them into impacts, sci-fi atmospheres, user interface elements and beyond.

Here’s the official video intro:

Here’s an audio demo:


  • Over 2.1 Gigabytes of sound effects and designed sounds
  • 24bit/96khz wavs
  • Soundminer enriched metadata
  • Maschine ready metadata
  • Sampler instrument presets for Maschine, Ableton Live 9, Battery, EXS24, Kontakt, Maschine and Reaktor
  • A  new version of Twisted Tools’ MP16 sampler, called the MP16d

Reaktor MP16d Features:

  • 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler
  • Pad style layout
  • Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice
  • FM and Delay FX per Voice
  • Note repeat effect per voice
  • Two LFOs per voice
  • BPM Sync
  • Lemur OSC Template by Antonio Blanca

About BJM Mario Bajardi and Komplex

  • BJM Mario Bajardi is an Italian electroacoustic composer and sound designer, who is currently a lecturer at the Academy Art, at the University of Palermo in Italy.
  • Komplex is Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi, multimedia artist and owner of Iter-Research music publishing. Paolo is a lecturer at SAE in Milan, Italy.

Metamorph is available at the Twisted Tools shop now for $69.

via Josh Hinden

2 thoughts on “Twisted Tools Metamorph ‘Fuses Electroacoustic & Designed Sound Effects’

  1. Now, I’m biased as hell and love everything Twisted Tools put out, even if I far too rarely use the samples, but what really shines here is the MP16d. (And the samples, so everything shines, I guess).

    The samples are brilliant, no doubt, but they can be hard for many to put into tracks (apart from a few layers during a build-up or intro, etc), but tweaking them in the MP16d, especially when employing the FM and delay and modulating them, is just too fun. I guess there’s no other way to say it; it’s just fun.

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