AIR Updates Instrument Expansion Pack With Pro Tools 11, AAX Support

AIR_instrument_expansion_packFollowing the recent launch of Avid Pro Tools 11, AIR Music Technology has released an updated and expanded AIR Instrument Expansion Pack. The new Instrument Expansion Pack offers compatibility with the latest Pro Tools AAX format, and includes two of AIR’s latest virtual instruments, Loom and Vacuum Pro, at no additional cost.

The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack contains:

  • Hybrid 2.0 — High Definition Analog Synth
  • Velvet 2.0 — Vintage Electric Piano Instrument
  • Structure 2.0 — Sampler Instrument Workstation
  • Strike 2.0 — Ultimate Virtual Drummer Instrument
  • Transfuser 2.0 — Interactive Melodic & Rhythmic Groove Creation Instrument
  • Loom 1.0.1 — Modular Additive Synthesizer (NEW)
  • Vacuum Pro 1.0.1 — Polyphonic Analogue Tube Synthesizer (NEW)

Each of these “2.0” versions of the five older “core” software instrument (Hybrid, Velvet, Structure, Strike, and Transfuser) fully supports the 64-bit AAX plug-in format of the recently released Avid Pro Tools 11, while also offering backwards compatibility with 32-bit AAX support for Pro Tools 10.

The new instruments, Loom and Vacuum Pro, also offer 64-bit AAX support in addition to RTAS, AU, and VST. Loom takes an “exclusive” modular approach to creating the sounds and unique harmonic signatures that are the trademarks of Additive Synthesis. Vacuum Pro, is a polyphonic analog tube synthesizer, which, AIR says, re-invents “the gritty glory of the analog age.”

Pricing and Availability. AIR Music Technology’s Instrument Expansion Pack is available now, is priced at $299.99 US, and can be downloaded from the company website. Current owners of the virtual instruments included in the Instrument Expansion Pack (or owners of the previous version of the Expansion Pack) should check out the upgrade info here.

4 thoughts on “AIR Updates Instrument Expansion Pack With Pro Tools 11, AAX Support

  1. I’ve been pretty fair with Avid (having owned PT since version 8) but I don’t think they’re doing anything radical with this. It’s not a bad deal, but you can only use this stuff with PT, and considering how little support there is for Structure, $299 sounds much less attractive.

    MIDI support in PT is still lacking compared to the competition, and by forcing developers to use the AAX format instead of the much more common VST and AU formats they’re just alienating themselves. I LOVE PT for editing, but I find myself using it less and less because of all of the restrictions that Avid have placed on the software. I’m happy to put up with Cubase’s less than perfect editing tools if it means I can use my VST instruments and effects.

  2. Many customers of Air Music are contesting that after paying they can not download anything ..
    Air Music have a bad slow service , and many files of Expansion Pack are corrupt.
    Many Customers have bought Expansion on Cds, but they have not received
    full product but minimal part of it .. i not Strike, no Structure ..
    Air Music are receiving many claim from many buyers!

    No Serious Company go away..

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