Updated Gimmick: ‘Glitter, Futuristic, and Spacy’

ju-x-gimmickJu-X Designs has released a new version of Gimmick, a software synth for Mac.

Gimmick’s oscillator draws waveform by setting how many times to twist it in a cycle, then divides it by scanning Up and Down direction.

Software developer Juno Ju-X says, “Gimmick got frequency modulation feature built-in that makes sounds glitter, futuristic, and spacy.” He also explains that the new version comes “with lot of additions, robustness, quality.”

Here are some sound samples from the updated Gimmick:

Pricing and availability. The previous version of Gimmick was a free AU plug-in. The updated version, with added features, (including Standalone + Audio Unit plug-in for Mac OSX 10.6 or above) is priced at $40.00 US. Gimmick is, for the moment, though, being offered as an introductory special for $20.00. For additional information, including download link, check out the Gimmick website.

2 thoughts on “Updated Gimmick: ‘Glitter, Futuristic, and Spacy’

  1. Well, kudos for it being different. Heard some moments in that demo audio that were quite unique. That GUI seems a little cryptic, but for folks who like those kinds of sci-fi tones, it’s pretty cool. And $20 doesn’t seem that much for what it is.

  2. This synth is definitely unique and does produce very interesting results. It’s always good to see new synth designs, but this one certainly got me interested enough to get it. The semi modular control over the wave shape is really cool, with a greater range of possibilities than I was expecting. It’s definitely worth at least checking out the demo version.

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