Ohm Studio, ‘First Real-Time Collaborative DAW’, Now Available

ohm-studio-dawOhm Force has released Ohm Studio 1.0 – its real-time collaborative digital audio workstation software for Windows and Mac.

They describe Ohm Studio as “the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation.”

Here’s what they have to say about Ohm Studio:

With Ohm Studio, you can record audio at high quality. Set up your audio interface, check the I/Os, arm your track(s), prepare your instrument and letโ€™s go! Once recorded, your tracks are directly available on the cloud for every member of the project. A rock band can have their raw tracks recorded in no time, every member from their own place, in their own time!

The same is true for MIDI. Choose an instrument – whether itโ€™s our UVI-powered multi-timbral instrument, some GForce included classic virtual analog, or any of your VST plugins – and record, draw and edit MIDI notes and events. Or let your partners do it for you.

Here’s a video preview:

Ohm Studio is free to try – but premium options are available that unlock features in the application and that allow you to host more projects online.

See the Ohm Studio site for details.

If you’ve used Ohm Studio, let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “Ohm Studio, ‘First Real-Time Collaborative DAW’, Now Available

  1. App looks fun and I’m interested in trying it out. I’ve read through the T&C of Ohm studio – but there are many grey areas in their contract. Hopefully they clarify usage, ownership & rights a bit to be more clear.

  2. i don’t like the idea of storing works on someone’s cloud server that is not my own, i get that a lot of people use dropbox google drive and others for collaborative purposes, but i never felt it was a good idea. maybe it is due to my day job that i have this bias, but i would feel much more comfortable if there was a self hosting option that is peer to peer with my band mates or project collaborators and not touching anyone else server, kind of like how bittorrent sync can work. anyways it is a neat idea and this is only the first iteration, we’ll see what comes of it

  3. (1) Oh right, the gal is not ready to do the part, she “gets stuck” – so lucky the design is so simple even a woman could use it, at least with some help.
    Well, actually the guy is also more into smoking bong and getting help than audio software.

    (2) Wonder how detailed control the mixer view offers. Can you sample edit? Is there spectrum view? Sketchy online docs…

    (3) The whole enterprise seems a bit roundabout.
    A cloud service that works with the DAWs that people already have would open a potentially viable customer base. Now they have to build and maintain all that junk to get how many? into subscription…
    I guess 2 years before they essentially fold, in best case the site stays up with minimal maintenance for another 3 years.

  4. I started making music with people on Ohm Studio during 2010, it was for for a while but knowing that soon they were going to pay really took the wind out of my sails. That was when they were beta, so now they are pay. It’s a great concept, I had this ideas years ago and now it’s a reality. Only my idea was everything both of you had and could play real time VSTI. There would be no recording audio, mainly experimental works, electronic that kind of thing.

  5. It is a great concept. I signed up for a lifetime sub – hopefully this will be more than a couple of years ๐Ÿ™‚

    I travel quite a bit, I am currently in the UAE. I cant establish roots where I can get to know a set of musicians and work with them. Ohmstudio offers the means to (a) time shift the music making effort and (b) work with other musicians where ever they might be located. It is a pretty good DAW although I will use my other software and import/export to achieve certain ends.

    As for cloud based hosting. They have offered clarification on the T&C although I think they could do better. The T&C do not provide Ohmforce with commercial rights, the focus is on enabling the technical aims of the service: ensuring access and availability for collaboration.

    No doubt this will be refined and clarified.

    I have no idea who they are targeting with this, but I suspect it is less the pro and more the pro-sumer. I hope they did their marketing. Time will tell. In the meantime, I am going to use it as much as I can starting in the near future… as soon as life, work and such allow.

    I dont fear ‘cloud’ based technology. It just needs to be deployed and used appropriately. Ohmstudio have utilised the technology in a way that I can (literally) buy into. [I am an IT Pro working on one of the worlds largest private cloud based infrastructure programmes so while I cant quite claim to be an ‘expert’ I think it fair to say I am reasonably well informed ๐Ÿ˜‰ ] I will leave the in-depth musical implications to the musos here on synthtopia!

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