King Britt Update On The Upcoming Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit & More

DJ & producer King Britt is in the Asheville area this week. Chris Stack of experimentalsynth caught up with Britt for an update on what he’s doing at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), during the week with The Bob Moog Foundation and at the Mountain Oasis Festival Electronic Music Summit with Pia Ercole.

2 thoughts on “King Britt Update On The Upcoming Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit & More

  1. King Britt is the man.

    Back in the late 90’s I was a local Denver dj and happened to hear a King Britt mix that had a remix of Maxwell’s “Fortunate” by Jay Denes. I had been trying to find a copy of it on wax and decided to post on King Britt’s old forum hoping someone would help. King actually sent me a private message asking me for my details and told me he’d be in touch. A week later I received a box full of pre-releases from Ovum and Columbia records along with the Fortunate remix. Not only that, King had one of the A&R people from Columbia contact me directly to make sure I received the package.

    That was such an incredibly cool gesture and something I will never forget. Absolute respect for the man.

  2. If you have a chance to go to Mountain Oasis… it! Hit the Moogfest last year at about this time. Outstanding time of great music and beautiful scenery. Wishing I had grabbed some tickets this time around but missed it. Maybe April for Moog’s 5 day event. Thanks for the posting.

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