Roland Releases Updated, Windows 8.1 and Mavericks-Compatible Drivers

roland-logoRoland U.S. recently announced the availability of new USB drivers for “a wide range of Roland products” that are Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) -compatible.

Up-to-date USB drivers are available for the following products:

Audio Interfaces:

  • UA-101
  • UA-1EX
  • UA-1G
  • UA-25
  • UA-25EX
  • UA-4FX

MIDI Interfaces:

  • UM-1/1EX/1S/1SX/1X
  • UM-1G
  • UM-2/2C/2E/2EX
  • UM-2G
  • UM-3EX
  • UM-3G
  • UM-550
  • UM-880
  • UM-ONE
  • UM-ONE mk2


  • MICRO BR BR-80
  • R-05
  • R-26


MIDI Keyboard Controllers:

  • A-300PRO
  • A-500PRO
  • A-800PRO
  • A-49
  • A-500S
  • A-88
  • PC-50
  • PCR-30
  • PCR-50
  • PCR-80
  • PCR-M1
  • PCR-M30
  • PCR-M50
  • PCR-M80
  • PCR-300
  • PCR-500
  • PCR-800


  • V-STUDIO 100
  • V-STUDIO 20


For additional information, and to download drivers, consult the Roland website.

7 thoughts on “Roland Releases Updated, Windows 8.1 and Mavericks-Compatible Drivers

  1. Wow, great to see that venerable synth manufacturer Roland finally responding to the current resurgence in analogue synthesizers and releasing… er, USB drivers, oh… yeah, great.

  2. Well, it may not be the most exciting Roland news, but the fact that they still provide us with up to date drivers for stuff like the UM-880, which was released for over 10 years ago, is quite nice to say the least.

  3. How about a driver for the VM-3100. I always like companies that support their older product lines like RME or Motu … I will buy Roland when their drivers last for many years after manufacture.

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  5. Though Roland is not releasing drivers for Windows 8.1 nor Mavericks for the SH-201 which means there’s no way to interface a newly bought PC to my synth, unless I buy another external MIDI interface. And their engineers say they are not going to develop one, i.e. the SH-201 is dead. Shame on them.

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