Robotic Drums Pairs Analog-Modeling Drum Synthesis With Probabilistic Sequencing

robotic-drumsBig Robot Studios has released Robotic Drums for iOS, an analog-modeled drum synth coupled with probabilistic sequencing.


  • A minimalist interface, with a high emphasis in flow.
  • 6 analog modeled synthesized voices.
  • A probability sequencer. You control how “random” a sequence is.
  • Quantized pattern switching.
  • Dropbox support for saving sessions and sharing across devices.
  • AudioBus support.
  • Midi clock sync support.

Here’s a demo of Robotic Drummer in action:

Robotic Drummer Details:

  • VOICES – There are 6 analog modeled synthesized voices, each with a noise and an oscillator section. This flexible configuration allows each voice to generate sounds that range from punchy bass drums, to snappy snares, to lo-fi tones, to sound effects and much else in between.
  • THE PROBABILITY SEQUENCER – The sequencer for each voice is based on probabilities. A step on a sequence is not just a “switch” but a measure of “how likely is this step to be triggered”. This allows for highly dynamic sequences that maintain a certain base, but never sound the same from one pass to another.
  • THE PATTERNS SECTION – Each session can hold 16 patterns. Switching patterns in a live situation is always controlled by a pattern quantization parameter, which determines when the pattern switch actually happens. This allows for pattern switches to occur exactly when expected, maintaining the musical flow of a piece.
  • SESSIONS – Sessions can be saved to Dropbox, this allows to share sessions across devices or even to use as an easy method to share patches with the community.

Robotic Drummer is available now for $4.99 in the App Store.

11 thoughts on “Robotic Drums Pairs Analog-Modeling Drum Synthesis With Probabilistic Sequencing

    1. Hi Hector. Please do that.
      For now the only way to use stochastik rhythms with MIDI is with StepPolyArp, but the probability is set by clicking each note and then setting a value on the probability field. It’s very laborious.

      Stochastik Drum Machine has a better interface, but unfortunately does not have MIDI out. On the App description it says: “Coming Soon: Virtual MIDI & MIDI File Export”, but the last update was a year ago :\

      So, please implement MIDI out (in would also be cool to be able to jam along ) and be the first developer to have this feature on a proper stochastik drum sequencer.
      I’ll be waiting.

  1. Looks pretty cool. I love the clean interface. I’ll just recommend this now… I would love to be able to have a one button export that would run out each instrument as it’s own track, instead of all together as one. This would make it much easier to build groove components in an app like this and then export them to Ableton for integration in a bigger arrangement.

  2. I agree with Seamus. Flexible time signatures are a must. Remember Stochastik from last year? Same great probabilistic approach, but Dev never implemented the promised polymetric capabilities. Add this, Hector, and I’ll buy your app in a second.

  3. Why does it always have to be either or, why can’t it be both samples and drum synths ? I think people have been pretty vocal about what they need from this type of instrument most of it is common knowledge. I wish the dev of this app the best but there is definitely a niche for an app like this that gives the people what they want question is who’s gonna make it?

  4. Another thing I would love to see is even more randomness! Having the OSC level (and/or MIDI velocity) variable within a certain range would be good. Also having a slight randomness to the timing of the hits would be good. Of course, the amount of randomness would need to be settable so you could lock to the grid if you want or let it get as sloppy as you want to be.

  5. Been watching this since the preview videos – very interesting indeed but I have to echo others, MIDI out and user samples would make this an INSTANT buy! Watching closely and wishing the Dev all the best!

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