The Moog Analog Drum Machine Prototype


These images capture the Moog Analog Drum Machine prototype, from 1970.

Bob Moog built this drum machine machine for TV Theme / Jingle composer Eric Siday. Moog’s Analog Drum Machine consisted of prototype modules for drum and percussion synthesis.

The Analog Drum Machine never made it into production. The prototype is in the Cité de la Musique in Paris France.

We’d love to hear what this sounds like!

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10 thoughts on “The Moog Analog Drum Machine Prototype

  1. When’s the Mac version coming out? 😀 Talk about esoteric. Still, that’d be a quirky hit with people who love the VCS3. I had a friend who half lost his mind when that appeared as a softsynth. If he had the real thing, he’d wear the matrix panel pins around his neck like a mojo bag. I’m sure most of us have a fair idea of what this thing sounds like up to a point, because of the era of its birth. Its that mysterious 30% that makes you wonder….

  2. What a mad, mad thing. A programmable modular Moog drum-machine would sound massive!! Judging by the size of the thing, its dimensions would be equal to its sonic output no doubt. Comparing this to something like a Korg Volca Beat one can tell how forward (or backward) we’ve come – depending on your point of view. A sample CD of this baby would be nice 🙂 – dreams are free too!

  3. Think big: Have some guys come in, create schematics and take measurements in order to model this baby properly according to the state of the virtual analog art. That’s a form of documentation that also helps to preserve a unique piece of engineering and music history for posterity.

  4. Bob’s prototype of then drum synth seemed have been an idea that could have become a reality noting the realism of the Moog drum controller, which although did not function as a drum controller in the way an electronic drum set controller works, just spark a feel that Bob Moog was contemplating the idea. However, this may have sparked this have inspired the more recent companies, such as Dave Smith and Nord to push forth the dream of Moog into a reality that would change the way we think of synthesising percussion in today’s world.

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