Ayah Bdeir Introduces The littleBits Synth Kit

In this video, via MAKEAyah Bdeir, the founder and CEO of littleBits, introduces their new Synth Kit

Bdeir is an engineer, interactive artist and one of the leaders of the open source hardware movement. The Synth Kit is a set of sound modules, created in cooperation with Korg, that snap together using magnets.

More information on the Synth Kit is available at the littleBits site.

17 thoughts on “Ayah Bdeir Introduces The littleBits Synth Kit

    1. Are you sure, Side? If i understand correctly, i.e. the delay module has an audio in?
      Nevertheless i must say i was slightly distracted by the… Um… “Software” also on display… Anyway the kit would be just as interesting if the ceo were an old grey fart.

      1. What a horrible and inappropriate off topic thing to say. Ms. Bdeir is introducing a product as a founder and developer, not some tradeshow model. I would hope this forum doesn’t take the direction of sexist trolling that seems way too prevalent on many tech oriented sites.

        All that aside – I am excited to try the littleBits out! I was intrigued by the Reggie Watts performances on Youtube. Looks like a great introduction for aspiring synthesists.

        1. Would it be ok if she was a tradeshow model? I don’t agree with the use of the term “software” but I have to admit I was a bit distracted as well. She’s developed something very cool and happens to be attractive, get over yourself.

          1. Despite being offensive, the analogy is broken anyway. Software is what’s in a person’s mind. It’s bad enough to be crude, but when you can’t even get that right . . .

            1. Hi all, thanks for your feedback on the product (and on myself!).
              Just want to clarify that yes: you can connect microphone, we have a dedicated Bit for that.
              re: software analogy, not sure what you’re referring to, but pls send along and happy to answer. I do happen to know the product quite well 😉

      2. I am pretty sure (although I havent seen them in my own eyes). They had to mod some bits to input signal (it should be dead easy if it has some soldering points, that are not hidden in plastic). I would also like to see CV trig bit to synchronize this with my Volca and Tribe. Also there is some kind of chaining of sequencer in one video that uses 2 seq modules to create 8-step sequencer. I could omit little keys and get one more seq and two more cable bits instead. And the whole set is still pretty expensive for me 🙁

    1. Ayah Bdeir is brilliant – there’s a TEDX talk by her and she talks about diy’ing, open hardware and software.

      I was only mildly interested in the original littleBits modules, but the new Synth Kit changed that, because it opens up all the older modules to interacting with sound.

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    1. Interesting. I am not Poogle, just to make that clear.
      To make another thing clear: i regret my stupid and off-topic comment. (Even though A. Bdeir IS part of the topic, if you look at the title of the post). I am happy littlebits and korg are doing this and wish them well.

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