Audio Clips In Bitwig Studio (New Sneak Preview)

The developers of Bitwig Studio have released another sneak preview for the upcoming DAW, taking a look its features for working with Audio Clips:

This beta video features the possibilities of working with audio clips in Bitwig Studio.

Audio clips can consist of multiple audio events and feature Bitwig’s own time stretching and transient detection. Split and rearrange audio events automatically, based on transient detection, and utilize the same parameter histograms and clip/track-based editing as with instrument clips.

At NAMM, we interviewed Bitwig’s Dominik Wilms, and, at that time, they were hoping for a Summer release, but were definitely wanting to have a release before the end of 2013. Pricing and availability for Bitwig Studio are still TBA.

Check out the video demo on Audio Clips in Bitwig Studio and leave a comment with your thoughts!


33 thoughts on “Audio Clips In Bitwig Studio (New Sneak Preview)

  1. More sneak previews of the greatest app that never was. Vaporware extraordinaire. Good thing other companies actually make software that they sell or there would a lot of people not making music right now.

  2. I was disappointed , (on finally getting an answer on their Facebook page ) No Polyphonic Aftertouch output for hardware synths .
    So although this will have per note midi editing , and polyAT as an internal mod , it wont transmit PolyAT to midi out…

    Anyone else who was hoping for full PolyAT support , please go lobby them .

    1. It wil never be released and you worry that much for the lack of polyphonic aftertouch?

      It has more sense whining for some lacking features in MS-DOS.

      1. Per note midi editing being advertised as a Bitwig feature,it would be logical to extend to polyAT , especially if they wish to offer deeper control than Ableton, which doesnt implement PolyAT.
        Not only previous generations of hardware and current software synths use PolyAT , but with IOS synths such as Animoog needing to be integrated into a DAW environment it makes sense and would be MY main reason from switching from Ableton .
        i do not consider this “whining”, so much as contributing to focus group /feature requests from a potential user .If my other hardware and software supports this aspect of musical expressivity , why shouldnt I ask that my DAW of choice to support it ?

        //No more time for trolls.

  3. Bitwig seems very promising. I just don’t like the dark colour ui. Hopefully it will be possible for the users to change it the way they like. They should have waited with promoting the program also. That said, it’s better to release a fully functional program with most features already there than releasing small updates every month

  4. seeing all the features I was thinking about throughout years! Well, to be fair all of this is still kinda possible in DAWs I’m working with (FL and Logic), but some of my needs (usually i do heavy sample-based sound design) is organised like a struggle, and some mouse movements needed to slice and, for example, modify pitch, both in Logic and Fl reminded me of different but precise and hard to master ninja tecniques. Here — truly logical and handy tools, god bless bitwig. But where the hell is product? I’ll end up dying but thinking developers are new uncompromissable Jobbses, and they are just polishing it so eveything will be perfect.
    The biggest questions are still open: CPU and RAM usage, latency, midi feedback (fl sux here), audio routing for recording/live audio. And price. Are there any clues? Did I missed something?

  5. Interesting question: will Native Instruments manage to make a full-blown DAW out of Maschine before Bitwig Studio is finally released?

  6. So from what i gathered from the posts on this topic is – We love the product but tired of videos now. Time to put up or shut up. We are impressed and excited, please work hard on a release date before Maschine 3.0 comes out.

    Thank you

  7. I’m still using Live 8. I delayed purchasing Live 9 because I thought Bitwig was right around the corner… Fast forward to today and Live 9.1 is already out and Bitwig is still in development.

    I am no longer looking forward to it with bated breath.

  8. You can do everything shown here in live session view, but the workflow would be so much better in clip view as Bitwig have done. I suspect Live will do this in the future; they may even have it before Bitwig is out…

    Bitwig certainly have some great ideas, but if the main DAW players just take their their ideas and incorporate them in existing stable and well established DAWs, I’m not sure how things will play for the wigs….they would have been better off just finishing it and launching it as a surprise release without giving the competition 2 years to catch up….even live has dual screen now and a very stable 9.1 release to build on.

    1. I asked that some month ago on FB and they answered it will support sysex… So pray for your hardware synth not to go out of order before BW Studio will be out . 😉

  9. They should stop releasing videos of features and just release the app, because at this point they are only serving to tell Ableton what to start working on to negate any market value Bitwig will have when it launches.

    1. i was just thinking the same,
      another company could just implement these features before this even gets a public release.

      they don’t respond to emails or send out a newsletter (in about 2 years) – does anyone know how large the group of beta testers they took in waaay back when?
      does that even exist? did it ever?

  10. Synthtopia hasn’t yet posted about Amaranth Audio’s Cycle (Fairlight CMI anyone?!) yet which leads me to believe this isn’t a real synth site. Probably one of the most exciting products to come out in years in the plugin world and some iOS synth that took someone an hour to write gets its spot. You’re website is called synthtopia, just thought I would a shine a light on the gross hypocrisy.

  11. The reactions to this software are ridiculous. It’s either idiots shouting vapourware constantly, when it’s clear that this software is a massive undertaking to code, is obviously in development and will be released at some point. Alternatively, there are fanboys who claim that it’s the answer to their prayers, is everything that Ableton should have been, when it’s obvious that it will lack some features that DAW users take for granted, and will not be the be all end all utopia that people are hoping for. It looks to me to be a carbon copy of Live, with some interesting features tacked on, stuff that Ableton can and probably will add to their software, or that can already be added with Max For Live.

    I’m looking forward to the release, I might even consider buying it at some point, but right now, I’m heavily invested in Ableton Live & Push, trying to make tracks every day and focusing on using what I’ve got to get better at what I do. New software isn’t going to help me, if anything, it kills my workflow and forces me to relearn new ways.

  12. This feature is great for hip-hop production. I hope they add time stretching to their multi-sampler or at least allow us to launch multiple clips on a Singe channel at once. Combine that with digital vinyl support and I’m Ditching Ableton.

  13. I wise man once said, say nothing till you got something to say – like a date and price tag, till then I got money to spend on reality.

  14. Someone who knows about programming software and especially in audio cannot believe that a small team as Bitwig team will be able to hit the same level of Ableton Live in 2 years. It’s definitely impossible! Live have 10 years of background development, today it comes with lot of instruments, audio and midi effects, huge samples and loops library. And now it can use dual monitor plus Push who is well finished/powerful and other new functions like convert audio to midi since 9 version.

    So I don’t know what the guys expect from this new daw but don’t make a mistake, Bitiwig will miss lot of feature that are already present in Live. It’s ok to say perhaps Bitwig will offer a better ergonomic interface than Live, some new function that miss in Live but who can be implemented quickly in it if needed, so… what else ?

    Many of us don’t really know Live deeply and prefer to see if it’s better elsewhere rather than to try to become better with their daw. At this point Live is a beast while Bitwig is just a new toy…

    Have fun little boy’z!

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