In Depth MIDI Control With The AlphaSphere

This series of videos digs into the details of using the AlphaSphere as a MIDI controller.

The first video, above, covers Preset One – a C Major scale that spirals upwards around the AlphaSphere.

The second tutorial looks at Preset Two and Three. These presets are arranged in a harmonic table and chromatic scales respectively.

The next video looks at Preset Four. These presets explore a custom multi-channel notational arrangement, utilising the D-major scale, D-major pentatonic with two different synths. It also explores the use of MIDI CC data for custom control of features in your DAW and Synths.

For more on the AlphaSphere, see their site and our interview with Adam Place and Felix Godden of Nu Desine, creators of the AlphaSphere.

One thought on “In Depth MIDI Control With The AlphaSphere

  1. I could see this thing being kinda fun for kids or people who just want to play around IF it was motion detection. But having to actually strike a pad in all of those weird hand positions is going to be very un fluid for people looking to make real music.

    Also, who’s going to take the time to learn how to play scales and melodies on this thing? You can do so much more, and more intuitively on a keyboard that doesn’t require awkward hand positions or reaching around the the “blind side” of the ball in hopes of finding the pad you want.

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