JoMox Eurorack Drum Modules (Sneak Preview)

This video offers a sneak preview of new Eurorack format drum modules coming from JoMox.

Details, pricing and availability are to come. 

Video details, via modularsquare:

JoMox was at Modularsquare november 30 to show his new eurorack modules dedicated to drums!

On the left side of this case, you will find 2x ModBase 09 Bass Drum modules obviously dedicated to kick drum, and on the right side, 2x Mod.Brane 11 percussion module dedicated to all kind of sounds from classic snare to insane metallic pickaxe sound. We are totally in love.

Nothing fancy in that video, just exploring presets to find good combinations. We will come back later with deeper videos.

(All these modules are controlled by a Doepfer A-155 sequencer, no FX nor compression added)

5 thoughts on “JoMox Eurorack Drum Modules (Sneak Preview)

  1. I was about to purchase some drums for my modular…looks like I should wait for this! I wonder if the price is going to be reasonable??

  2. Sorry to say that, but I’m always amazed how bad Jomox graphic design is. I know, sound is at first place, but those modules looks just like an amateur job.

    1. Who gives a **** about graphic design.
      **** graphic designers, **** branding.
      That society we live in, I swear…

      They sound great and look like a lot of fun.
      Pretty pricey tho… More expensive than the standalone modules :/ Same price point would have been fair I think.

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