New Wireless Computer Keyboard For Logic Pro X


Editors Keys today introduced a new custom wireless keyboard for Apple’s Logic Pro X software.

The keyboard is based on an official Apple keyboard, but has been modified with custom keys with over 150 Logic Pro X shortcuts.The custom keys put all the most commonly used commands at your fingertips.

According to the company, this not only makes it faster to edit within Logic, it also makes it easier to understand.

It’s priced at US$179. See the Editors Keys site for details.

20 thoughts on “New Wireless Computer Keyboard For Logic Pro X

  1. This seems really overpriced. The apple keyboard is $69. You can buy stickers with Logic (or ProTools, or whatever) shortcuts for like $10 and put those on the keyboard. Or you can use the program for a few months and memorize most of the shortcuts you need to use regularly FOR FREE.

    1. Not wanting to start a flame war, but aren’t Apple users used to pay for overpriced upgrades and accessories?

      I mean seriously just look how much Apple charges for RAM upgrade on Mac’s, and if many people get their RAM from other providers (like me, because yes I do own a Mac for my work), most Mac’s users will get their RAM from Apple, even if its overpriced.

        1. To show that there’s a market for this kind of stuff, as overpriced and as cheap as it is. I for one would never buy this kind of accessory and I entirely agree with Jonathan’s comment, but there’s a market for this kind of stuff and there’s a reason why its aimed at Apple users and not at people using Cubase or Pro Tools on Windows.

      1. So you’ve thrown out a completely unsupported statement (that Mac owners will buy things even if they overpriced) and an in correct statemen (that Cubase owners wouldn’t t.

        Not exactly batting 1,000 today!

        1. Don’t distort my words.

          I did not say all Apple users buys into this stuff. I said they are more akin to.

          Which is like saying people who drive cars are more akin to know how some of the mechanics works, but that does not mean everyone who drives do.

          Also look at the link Jonathan provided about a similar keyboard for Cubase on Windows. Its half the price than this one.

            1. No confusion here, just distortion from you.

              Also I find funny how you are trying to slightly insult me in each of your responses. Does that make you feel more confident about your statements?

              1. If you’d actually visited the site before commenting, you’d have known that that they make these custom keyboards for both Mac & PC apps, that they’re custom conversions for a niche market (so they’re expensive) and that the wireless ones are more expensive than the wired ones.

                It seems that you’d rather insult Mac owners than make an informed comment, which is why foeny518 and others have called you on it.

  2. he..he…haha..:) …hehe..hahaha…WHOEHAHAHAHAHAAA..HAHAHA…HAAAAAA 🙂
    It’s like paying 100$ for bread.
    What’s wrong with these guy’s?
    Crazy mtfckrs

  3. Well, if it works – whatever… I’d even pay for that. But it only supports QWERTY layouts, and that does not work with my German QWERTZ keyboard, so no, I’m afraid I have to memorise those shortcuts…

  4. I’ve already got one of these. It just doesn’t have that writing all over the keys. Came with the Mac and works perfectly with Logic.

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