Connect A Keyboard To Your iPad (Step by Step Tutorial)

This video, via thesoundtestroom, is a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect various type of music keyboards to your iPad.

Keep in mind is that this will only work with applications that support MIDI. Look for a mention of MIDI support in the App Store description and for additional details from the developer on what functions/features of the app are supported via MIDI.

7 thoughts on “Connect A Keyboard To Your iPad (Step by Step Tutorial)

  1. That was a nice tutorial! Cool that he goes over a bunch of scenarios.

    One thing that came up for me was with a Korg MicroKey 37, that it draws too much power, so the iPad 4 won’t accept it. The workaround was to use an externally powered USB hub. It is obviously less convenient, but if you already have a USB controller that is only powered via USB, the USB hub is a pretty inexpensive way to get it to work with the iPad. It also might allow you to use another USB device simultaneously. For example, I was able to use my Zoom H2n as an audio i/o along with the MicroKey keyboard. It also won’t run the battery down as quickly.

    1. love the microkey form factor, but it is strange on its power consumption. even plugged into a powered hub, its own usb hub is useless.

  2. Yeah, cool tutorial, but it’s so simple, that my 8 year old neighbour can hook up those devices, with the right cables within hand reach. I think he wanted to show off how many synths, keyboards & midi controllers he has. But I find it’s cool he took the effort to show people who are using Midi gear for the first time. Thumbs up!

  3. The key feature I want in an iPad MIDI or USB interface is being able to charge the iPad while you play,

    This is relatively common for 5-pin MIDI interfaces (iRig MIDI, Behringer iStudio, Alesis IO Dock, Griffin StudioConnect, etc. all do the trick) but much harder to find for USB MIDI interfaces (iConnectMIDI v1 did it; I’m still waiting for the iConnectMIDI4+ which should do everything and then some in 2015 or whenever it finally ships.)

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