Portrait Of A Sound Design Artist

This video, by Josh Bennett, is a short video portrait of sound design artist Ali Lacey:

A man standing alone in a shed hitting a bath with a mallet could be seen as mad, but in the world of sound design, it’s the norm. Ali Lacey is an eccentric sound design artist, and this short portrait allows us a closer look into the world of sound design.

Lacey’s latest sound library, CURIO: Cinematic Toy Piano, is available via Impact SoundWorks.

6 thoughts on “Portrait Of A Sound Design Artist

  1. With the increasing quality of video, Youtube is becoming a great source for sounds of rivers, wind, saws, and other silly things. You can make rootbeer the old fashion way and drink it or open a can. Both taste great.

  2. Awesome video, thanks! I always appreciate something that inspires me to make music from new and interesting places. And it’s always nice to have a reason to justify smashing things! Excellent!

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