Interview With Analog Video Visionary Liz Larsen Of LZX Industries

liz-larsen-lzx-industriesProgrammer/module designer Darwin Grosse let us know that analog video superstar Liz Larsen is featured on the latest episode of his Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Liz Larsen is a multimedia programmer and owner/designer of LZX Industries, a company that specializes in Eurorack format synthesizer modules designed for video.

Here’s what Grosse has to say about the interview:

I was really looking forward to this interview, since I knew it would not only be interesting, but educational. I don’t know that much about analog video processing, but I’ve always loved the results

Liz Larsen, of LZX Industries, spends some time teaching me about the history and mechanics of analog video, introduces me to the core concepts, and helps me understand more about this fascinating world. LZX, if you don’t know, is the primary developer of modular analog video systems, and the results of their users’ work is quite beautiful.

But beyond that, we get a glimpse into the world of an innovator, and learn about the struggles in developing a creative system that doesn’t place a restrictive stamp on the work of the artist.

You can listen to the interview with Liz Larsen below or at the A+M+T site:

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    1. you can use audio modules for the most part. some work better than others. keep in mind the video signal goes far beyond 20khz. 4ms PEG and pressure points are some that i use with my LZX. phonogene was fun to play with too

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