Make Noise Teleplexer Module (First Look)

2014 NAMM Show: Here’s a quick preview, via , of the new Make Noise Teleplexer Module:

The Make Noise TELEPLEXER is a telegraph style multiplexer. It is used for manual distribution, adding and subtracting of signals. The user interface is inspired by telegraphy as the user taps the tips of patch cables (patched at one end to a source) to the conductive plates to determine where and how the source signal is distributed.

For this patch I used several different modulation sources including, the MakeNoise WoggleBug, Maths V2, Function, 2 outputs from the Modcan Quad LFO,and Intellijel uscale.

Details are to come.

4 thoughts on “Make Noise Teleplexer Module (First Look)

  1. mmm ok a show off of what? random generator? what? geez ok maybe I can make a living at that… huh.. confused whats the big deal here… give sonic capabilities not some self masturbating drone random finger cabling twitching… duh!

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