Keith McMillen Instruments Announces “Beer-proof!” SoftStep 2

Keith_McMillen_softstep2_topIn anticipation of The 2014 NAMM Show, which begins later this week, Keith McMillen Instruments has announced the release of SoftStep 2, the next iteration of its programmable foot controller.

KMI says that they have “refined the SoftStep experience from the ground up,” which includes making the SoftStep 2 ‘beer-proof’.

Updated SoftStep 2 hardware features (exclusive to SoftStep 2) include:

  • New cruciform controller pads for improved playability
  • Brighter LED back-lighting
  • State recall in Standalone mode
  • Double memory and CPU clock speed
  • New case design
  • User tables
  • Same reliability – now wine and spirit proof!

New Editor & Firmware features (compatible with SoftStep & SoftStep 2):

  • 8 times faster load time using 500 MB less memory
  • Foot On as a source for all corners of the Nav Pad
  • Advanced Key Lockout Modes
  • Ability to switch between using 0-127 and 1-128 values
  • MSB & LSB pitch bend support
  • Settable MSB & LSB for bank messages

Additional Features:

  • Pressure: Each key is pressure sensitive for expressive control
  • Direction: Translate up/down, left/right movements into control values on improved control pads
  • Portable: Weighs 1.25 pounds, stands <1″ at its tallest, and is USB-powered
  • Deep: Up to 6 Note, CC, Pitch Bend, Program, MMC, or OSC messages per key
  • Rugged: Elastomeric skin and a carbon fiber backing – “It’s beer-proof!”
  • Flashy: 4-character LED display, 10 dual-color key LEDs, and LED underglow
  • Stage Control: Ableton Live, Traktor, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, MainStage, Loopers and more
  • Studio Control: Activate transport and track selects hands free
  • Hardware Control: Synths, keyboards, and FX units all under control
  • Beyond Sound: Control lighting, video effects, robotics, pyrotechnics…
  • Class Compliant: Works with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android

Keith McMillen Instruments will be exhibiting at The 2014 NAMM Show later this week in Anaheim, California. For additional information about the SoftStep 2, consult the Keith McMillen Instruments website.

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