28 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm Overview

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          1. Dear ed.
            In real life I’m even harder.
            And a war is always responsible if it’s for oil .
            With the oil we can run the machines that makes the synths and drummachines we want.

  1. Nice jam at the end; love the variation in tone you can get over one pattern. Personally, I want to hear more kicks. The kick here seems clicky and hollow. I want to hear more boom and throb.

    1. I agree, from I’ve seen so far, it has practically the same structure. (With master analog distortion and compressor)
      The Tempest is still being updated, which is nice I guess, but it makes wonder for how long!

  2. I’m not impressed. Seems like this one was not that well thought out. Wow, how hard is it to make a midi sequencer ?

  3. Idk man. I’m not too impressed. Especially at that price point. I know that Elektron gear is usually pretty deep but this seems way too basic. After using DAWs and things like Maschine for so long I think I’d find it difficult to revert to something like this. I realize limitations spawn creativity and that’s especially true for me but I’m not paying that much money for that many limitations just because it’s analog. I’m over it already. Next please.

  4. Anyone who knows elektron boxes knows that this will be a huge hit, it functions essentially the same as all the other electron machines which is incredibly deep inherently. They aren’t re inventing the wheel, its to the machine drum as the a4 is to the monomachine. I don’t see how people could possibly call this too basic just knowing how the sequencer works alone. Its pretty much the drum version of the a4 and thats the deepest single analog synth you can buy.

    I think people are haters because they don’t like the interface. Its not for everyone but I see a lot of dismissing of some amazing instruments on these comments this year. It bums me out as this is the golden age of synthesizers! appreciate it!

    1. i dont hate the character of elektron its the work flow that puts me off, you 8 encoders there doing most of the sound design work. it gets a bit cramped just watch again

  5. What I really liked about the classic elektrons like the MD and MM was despite the encoder and page driven UI it has nice clearly readable graphic displays that really gave you an overlook and made the machines that much better to use. I really don’t like this new approach of theirs with minimal displays and half-assed solutions like no individual outs on the A4 (have to purchase the bigger, more expensive and incredibly ugly Analog Keys for that), and of course more sub-menus and cryptic button presses. Elektron used to be a cool and different company but it feels like the marketing department has the bigger say these days, this over-emphasis on ANALOG everything now is proof of that.

    1. I agree. I don’t like the new approach either.

      Take the Octatrack for instance, the sound manipulation section is pretty straight forward.
      You click a button per page, and you edit with the 8 encoders.
      But where it all falls apart is the cryptic button combinations to sample / resample / change project settings…
      and the unintelligible shortened words…

      I’m not a fan of the tiny screen either, and what’s worse is that only 80% of its display is used. (there’s a big “frame” around the UI, which is a waste..).
      What’s up with that Elektron!??

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