Livid Instruments + Dubspot Announce DS1 Controller


At the 2014 NAMM Show, Livid Instruments & Dubspot introduced the DS1 MIDI mixing controller.

The DS1 MIDI Mixer is a portable solution for computer-based mixing, production and performance. The collaboration grew out of Dubspot’s need for a single controller that they could use in classrooms for teaching mixing, production, sound design and DJing.

“We could never find a single complementary controller on the market to meet our functionality and durability needs,” explains Dubspot CEO Dan Giove, “so we decided to simply build one ourselves.”


  • 9 high-quality, 60mm faders.
  • 44 rotary knobs with single-color backlighting.
  • 1 push encoder.
  • 25 RGB buttons.
  • Class-compliant MIDI USB.
  • Expression Pedal Input (compatible with the Livid Master Fader).
  • Ultra light and heavy-duty aluminum construction.

Here’s a video overview of the new controller, via DJ TechTools:

Pricing and availability for the DS1 are to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Livid Instruments + Dubspot Announce DS1 Controller

  1. I hope this thing doesn’t cost to much because I’m dying to get it!
    If it does I’ll just get a Slim RGB or use some brains kits to re-assemble my dusty old mixer 🙂

  2. _This_ I like 🙂 Simply rotary knobs, and alot 🙂 Allthough, each strip should hav had 6 knob seeing as this seems to be the standard for macros. But hey, I’m not one to complain 🙂

  3. need !
    i just can’t believe no one did this before…
    since analog compact mixers, we know that this is what is needed for live mixing

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