Studio Electronics BoomStar SE80 & 700 Analog Synthesizers

At the 2014 NAMM Show, Studio Electronics introduced two new members of its Boomstar analog synthesizer line:

  • the Boomstar SE80, which features a filter based on the Yamaha CS-80; and
  • the Boomstar 700, which features a filter based on the Korg MiniKorg.

In the video, Electronic Musician’s Tech Editor Gino Robair talks with SE’s Marc St. Regis and gets a quick demo of the two new analog synths.

They’re priced at about $1,000. You can get details on the Boomstar line at the SE site.

13 thoughts on “Studio Electronics BoomStar SE80 & 700 Analog Synthesizers

    1. They have full-size filter knobs. I suspect the mini pots are just for trimming. These boxes sound fantastic and are worth the $899 price.

    2. The mini filter knobs up top control a second, HP, filter in series with the LP, just as on the CS80, I assume. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the HP filter is voltage controllable on the Boomstar 🙁

    1. They have that…it’s called the Code! Bit expenive…but so worth it. I think it does that, you can at least have multiple filter cards and can swap them

      1. Just bought an Omega 8. The Omega and CODE come with Oberheim and Minimoog filters built-in. Can upgrade to CS-80, 303 and Arp 2600 filters on each individual voice. Around $140 per voice, so more than 1k to add additional filters for all 8. Room for 4 filters total, I think. I will get all 8x CS-80 filters when I can afford it.

  1. I can’t understand why they demo the CS-80 box with an acid bass line, god forbid the guy plays a Vamgelis tune with it to show it off!

    1. I spent hours searching YouTube for info about the eurorack modules w Pittsburgh modular – nova musik had the best interview about them. The 4075 5089 3003 and a vca are in production with other filters coming. They are coming “in the fall” and designed to bring a boomstar to your eurorack.

  2. i thought these boxes were gonna be $500 – $600? that seems about right for it

    then again it is studio electronics … (i..e. overpriced)

  3. Is the SE-80 monophonic? If so, why not just pick up a classic full size Yamaha CS-10 for $400 at half the price?

    Even if space is an issue, there’s no way this should cost $1000. These things are overpriced.

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