The Wersi Lucite Organ


Saturday Synth Porn: The Wersi Delta Digital DX500T Glas was a transparent Lucite organ, made in 1987 by Wersi Electronics.

While this sexy beast may look like it belongs in the lair of Bond villain, it is a prototype that was used as a display model. There were only 2 examples in the United States. 


This instrument went up for auction a few years ago.


From the auction description:

The Delta Digital DX500T Glas organ comes replete with all manuals, control panel templates, music stand, T5100 amplified speakers, Lucite dollies, pedal board, adjustable bench and chromed keys. And it works beautifully!!!


via mixmag

13 thoughts on “The Wersi Lucite Organ

    1. You have never gazed upon a proper cathedral organ, that rises up tier upon tier, stories to the ceiling of brass and stone and wood waiting to sing and howl and rumble the very foundations of Heaven. Or a proper steam calliope. A steam calliope beats this hands down. At least this is chrome and glaze. If it were gold, it would be ostentatious.

    1. I think they used Lexan, which does not yellow, is clearer than glass (nearly as clear as air) and is bulletproof. (See Harrison Ford’s The Fugitive.) Lucite is brittle and turns yellow.

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