CM-MIDI – A MIDI Transceiver For RTP-MIDI networks

kissbox-cm-midiKissBox has introduced CM-MIDI – a low-cost compact MIDI transceiver that provides 2 RTP-MIDI endpoints, each of them supporting up to 16 sessions in parallel.

RTP-MIDI is a protocol for transmitting MIDI over Ethernet & WiFi networks.

The CM-MIDI can be used directly with Apple Macintosh computer (RTP-MIDI support is fully integrated in OS X). It can be used also on any Windows machine using a free driver. The CM-MIDI appears as two independent MIDI interfaces, which can be used with any MIDI software like Sequencers, Digital Audio Workstations, SYSEX Editor/librarian, etc,

The CM-MIDI can be installed directly near your favorite hardware synthesizers, without the need to care about the distance between the computer and synthesizers. The CM-MIDI can also be controlled directly by any other RTP-MIDI device, like a master keyboard, without involving a computer in the network path.


  • Ultra-compact ruggedized design (aluminium alloy), ideal for live/stage applications
  • Fully compliant with RTP-MIDI open protocol
  • Two RTP-MIDI endpoints (1 endpoint = 1 MIDI IN + 1 MIDI OUT)
  •  Appears in MIDI applications as two independent MIDI interfaces
  • Plug&Play using Apple’s Bonjour protocol
  • Session initiator functionnality, for direct peer to peer application with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) over WiFi, without needing any USB adapter connected to the iOS machine
  • Supports both peer-to-peer and computer controlled communication
  • Interoperable with any other RTP-MIDI product
  • Powered by USB charger
  • Ready for the new MMA “HD” protocol

The CM-MIDI is expected to be available March 1, 2014. Pricing is TBA. See the KissBox site for details.

5 thoughts on “CM-MIDI – A MIDI Transceiver For RTP-MIDI networks

  1. Maybe..but how would this be better than iconnectivity? I understand it transmits wireless to computer (?) but I assume latency is involved? Iconnectivity has 0 or close to 0 latency from what I’ve heard. Im ready to spring on that but his did catch my eye.

    I think the price will be very important as there are now a few good options.

  2. Bizarre, Ethernet device powered by a USB cable and a single DIN connector to share 1 in and 1 out (probably you need a Y cable???) for me, the winner is the Alyseum AL-88c, less 165€ for 8 in and 8 out, amazing for the price!

  3. What is bizarre in being powered by USB cable? There are billions of devices like this.
    All RTP-MIDI devices have roughly same latency on cable, MIDIBox forum gives measurements around 300 microseconds.

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