Halls of Valhalla For TipTop Z-DSP Demo

Here’s a preview theΒ Halls of Valhalla reverb cartridge + TipTop Z-DSP combo,Β via Tiptop Audio:

Drums pass through the Z2040 filter that gets modulated by the Z4000 EG. A bass line made of two Z3000 mixed by the MIXZ and sent into another Z2040. The BandPass out of the HATS808 is sent into the Feedback input of the Z-DSP, this gives this high pitched drone, Drums and bass line into the Stereo in of the Z-DSP, the Z-DSP runs the Valhalla DSP prototype card.

The Halls of Valhalla cartridge features 8 original reverberation algorithms, designed to work with the strengths of the Z-DSP, and tailored towards electronic music.

The reverbs in the Halls of Valhalla are arranged in order of perceived size, from small to big to huge to uncomfortably enormous:

  • Room
  • Chamber
  • Plate
  • EnsembleVerb
  • Cathedral
  • Nilfheim
  • Asgard
  • Ginnungagap

Halls of Valhalla will be available Q1 2014. Pricing and distribution are TBA.

12 thoughts on “Halls of Valhalla For TipTop Z-DSP Demo

  1. A question a little on the side. It looks like he is using small jacks with a female plug on the back for repatching (sorry if this sounds wierd; language barrier πŸ˜› ). Can anyone tell me what they are called? And I would be very happy if anyone can tell me where I can get them. Tehy are impossible to get here in Norway.

          1. Nope. You wont believe how slow in the top someone is here πŸ˜›
            Ta for the tips, but I found them. Actually very simple. They are Tiptop owns patented stackcables. http://www.tiptopaudio.com/stack.php
            Sometimes things just appear out of the blue πŸ™‚ And the best thing, I just contected a synth dealere here in Norway that said he have ordered them πŸ™‚

  2. Nice jam, didn’t really showcase the reverb much. That being said, their initial demo covered it. This feels like an AIRA grade tease. I’m just ready to see the price of the chip or download for the program. Because the module is a little hefty tag, and I’d just use the reverb. Grant it they make plugins, but I’d want this reverb outside of my DAW.

  3. Cool name for the reverb. The “uncomfortably enormous” setting sounds compelling. Would be good to hear a single patch through multiple reverb settings.

    What is the module on the left that looks like a mini monome?

  4. Not sure how practical in the current market, but a 500 series card might be interesting.

    Still think you should go the propellerheads RE direction also, maybe hire someone to do your 3d graphics, I’m sure there are plenty of eager graduates.

    I remember you delivering a superior quality reverb at a low price to provide to the music community, thanks for that!

    Best of luck!

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