Metasonix R-57 Dual Preamp/VCA Module (Video Demo)

Here’s a video demo of the Metasonix R-57 Dual Preamp/VCA Eurorack module. The new module offers 50db of available gain, assuring ‘true ugliness’.

“This is not intended to be a nice, neat, clean, sweet and virginal VCA,” warns designer Eric Barbour. “It is what it is.”

Demo details, via bigcitymusic:

To start the demo we ran both channels of a Cwejman D-LFO (as oscillators) into the R-57. A Cwejman RG-6 Random Generator used to CV control the R-57’s VCA.

Starting at 00:57 a drum loop is fed into the R-57. Awesome overdrive ensues.

Starting at 02:09 a sine wave from the D-LFO is fed into the R-57. The results again are awesome.

The last section, starting at 03:37, is a xoxbox (Roland TB-303 clone) being fed into the R-57. The result, you guessed it, awesome!

See the Metasonix site for more info.

6 thoughts on “Metasonix R-57 Dual Preamp/VCA Module (Video Demo)

    1. I was a huge fan of both their naming and their crazy artwork. In an industry so serious and (fairly) full of itself, it was nice to see someone have fun with it all.
      I mean do we really need another SK-5, R8, TR808, JV8080, MS20 or would the world be better off with more things like Slim Phatty, Wretch Machine, Venom or dare I say it, Scrotum Smasher? 😉

  1. I don’t think Eric has it in him to be “nice, neat, clean, sweet or virginal.”
    Why should we expect anything else?

    Oh and while the immature 12 year old toilet humored names are cute for one small audience, one doesn’t get many parents who want to buy their kid an anal decimator or whatever.
    Stores and magazines don’t always want to display such things either.

    Cut out all the Christians too.
    I’m no prude, nor Christian, (FAR from either), but to offend your potential buying public is just dumb.
    Why cut out potential sales because you have some sort of juvenile obsession?
    Think there’s going to be a Ford Fuk-me car any time soon?
    A Chevy Spooge or Subaru Jizzmotion?
    I wonder how many mothers bought their kids “Moogerfoogers” too, but that’s just me.
    Someone needs to give Eric a woman and hire a marketing specialist.

    1. What sort of bizarro rich-person fantasy land are you living in where mothers are buying boutique-level music gear on their kids in the first place?
      And I don’t think your average Christian or P&W band would be remotely interested in what Metasonix provides – offensive names or not.

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