Sector Turns Your iPad Into A Stochastic Sample Slice Sequencer

kymatica-sectorComposer/developer Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica) has released Sector – a new app for iPad that lets you slice and sequence your loops with a network of Markov-chain connections.

A Markov chain is a stochastic process where what happens next depends only on the current state of the system.

According to Liljedahl the uniquely visual loop slice sequencer lets you “Get anything between rigid control and random chaos.”

Here’s a preview of Sector in action:


  • High quality 32-bit audio engine
  • Stream audio to other apps in Audiobus or Inter-App Audio
  • Import samples and loops from AudioShare or using ‘Open in’ from other apps

Planned Features:

  • MIDI clock sync
  • In-app recording and exporting of loops

Sector is available now in the App Store, with an introductory price of US $6.99.

16 thoughts on “Sector Turns Your iPad Into A Stochastic Sample Slice Sequencer

  1. Looks intricate and fascinating and I love the randomness, but can this app actually be used to make music? All I heard in the video was glitchy noise stuff, which is cool, but not very musical. Was that supposed to be a “song”? Can you just have the app run a fill during the break, or does it just run this random stuff 100% of the time? Confused :/

    1. You can turn off all the randomness if you want, so, if you wanted to limit yourself, this is an amazing loop slicing and sequencing tool but the possibilities go waaaaay beyond that. The warping and randomness are all deeply user definable, and you can get some fascinating, inspiring things out of the randomness

      1. This looks very cool – but I’d like to see/hear some more subtle demos. The one’s I’ve seen are constant mangling, which sort of turns into static.

  2. a great app created only for mac user…congratulations…millions of hipster and beyone fan will to produce excellent music with this. please. be serious and update also for pc user this great toy. thanks

    1. It’s an iPad app. I’m pretty sure not all of the 170m people who own iPads are hipsters. I’m not. Nor is my mum or my father-in-law.

  3. Join me in requesting swing per slice feature so that in addition to all the mangling we can make the mangling warm, organic, and funky funky funky!

  4. I missed the link to the manual at the App Store the first time. Then I spent some time puzzling over the interface trying to find a help button that would take me to the manual. Why not just include it? I like to read some instructions.

    1. Fantastic app, but most people will have no idea what the heck it does when they open it and the interface doesn’t really help.

      This could benefit a lot from a little attention to making the interface more user-friendly.

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