Critter & Guitari Intros Black & White Video Synthesizer

BlackWhiteScope-Connected_grandeCritter & Guitari has introduced the Black & White Video Scope – their latest video synthesizer.

The Black & White Video Scope is a video synthesizer that generates visual patterns in response to sound. It features 16 patterns, including oscilloscopes, strobe effects, flashing squares, rotating blocks, and random pixels. Some of the modes respond continuously to the sound, and others respond to percussive sounds, advancing a pattern on each hit.

It also features a Randomizer mode where the modes change randomly at a selectable rate between 1 frame – 30 seconds.

Here’s a preview of the Black & White Video Scope in action:

To operate: Connect it to a television, projector or video rig and connect a sound source to the ¼” audio jack. Select one of the 16 patterns and, using the gain knob, adjust the sensitivity to the audio input.

The Black & White Video Scope is available now, priced at US $165.

6 thoughts on “Critter & Guitari Intros Black & White Video Synthesizer

  1. Just a guess because i don’t have this nor PAL, but I think it would work on almost any old (especially black and white) tube that has a vertical sync knob and a way to connect the video. Anything else might bother to display “NO INPUT” because it doesn’t recognize NTSC.

  2. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, it is usually pretty straight forward to mod something to convert ntsc to pal or vice versa

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