What Will The Moog Matador Synthesizer Be?

moog-matadorOn Tuesday, February 04, 2014, Moog Music filed a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for “Matador”.

The USPTO has given the Matador trademark serial number of 86184008. The current federal status of this trademark filing is NEW APPLICATION – RECORD INITIALIZED NOT ASSIGNED TO EXAMINER.

The Trademark is for Music Synthesizers.

WIth a name like ‘Matador’, could something in the Taurus family be on the way? Let us know what you think!

via trademarkia, sequencer.de

23 thoughts on “What Will The Moog Matador Synthesizer Be?

  1. ” Sound frequency filters for controlling audio parameters by raising or lowering the gain of specific audio frequencies using a resonant filter”

    I wonder what that means exactly.

  2. I find it hard to believe that some one is stalking the copyright register, so the other explanation is good old fashion Public Relations.

  3. Maybe a Bass Synth Sequencer. Cause a Moog one would be really awesome and I could always hope that Moog would someday release one as well as a drum machine.

    But anyway, Moog is already developing a sequencer for the Sub 37 and they have the minitaur. It seems like a bass sequencer would be easy to develop if most of the components already exist on other products.

  4. Please let it be a true poly, but in the same guise as the sub37 with more keys. At least 6 note polyphony, 8 would be better, built in reverb/delay & multi-timberal operation. If Moog music had one of these or something similar they’d corner the poly market, apart from DSI.

  5. With a name like Matador I think it’s a foregone conclusion it’s bass related. Somehow I’m assuming it’s a repackaging of previous technology, as everything they make is basically a derivative or offshoot of what’s come before. It’s not like they’re suddenly going to produce a drum machine like Korg.

    It’s some sort of synth or some sort of processing/effects device.

  6. The new Sub Phatty(paraphonic ) , looks really good and the price does not appear shocking,although it says ‘preset locations ‘, I have not found out about how many memory locations it has. It seems more advanced than the voyager (which I bought and sold and of all the synths I have owned was 100 percent my least favourite synth ever )
    The Minotaur is expensive and quiet honestly I think Moog has to come up with something that fits well in the market place. I know a lot of people making techno /acid and electro and moog really isn’t used by people I know (uk and europe) maybe the pound /euro to dollar conversion makes Moog gear cheaper relatively in the US and just too expensive in europe and the uk in comparison to other better specified synths.
    The amount of synths coming outat the moment is really exciting .Rolands new gear could possibly be a game changer again , just like in the 80s.It would seem Rolands Aira series has taken into account the realities of peoples budgets . We can’t all afford the expensive top notch gear . Those of us ‘secondary modern/working class musicologists’ don’t need to look far to know it was the people with very little money , who had to be inventive and who’s work defined genres .(Human league,Cabaret Voltaire,Throbbing Gristle,The Normal,Suicide,Hannett Patrick Cowley,Cybotron, `Model 500,A guy Called Gerald,808 State,etc etc

  7. So many people out there begging and crying for a Moog polysynth. Just let them do what they do best. Once a company gets on the “we can do everything everyone else does” kick, thats when things go downhill. It’s like saying “I wish Rolls Royce made a nice minivan with great gas milage.”

  8. Moog’s latest full fedged synth releases apparently approach bit by bit the Polivoks, duo-phonic ultra-aggressive russian synth that is everything the minimoog voyager is not. I own the minimoog, a friend of mine the polivoks. They are just the ying and the yang. stable oscillators, quality of materials and craft and uber-warm filter against unpredictability, plastic-aluminum flimsy-yet-heavy building and violent grunting filtering.

    with the overdriven sub-phatty, they homed in just a bit, and with this new para-phonic sub-phatty… well, things get close enough.

    And if that’s the case, I understand them, that pre-glasnost-perestroika critter is awesome. I don’t think you can unleash anything alike from any other source…

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