Anarchy Comes To The Mac

anarchy-effectsAnarchy Effects – a free bundle of 5 audio plugins, previously available only for Windows – is now available for both Mac & Windows.

The effects each do a different form of frequency domain processing.

Here’s what’s included in the free bundle:

  • SpectralAutopan – assigns different pan positions to the different component pitches in the input signal. The effect pitch has on pan position is controlled by control points, which can change in pan position and pitch according to LFOs. This adds stereo depth and motion to sounds.
  • Corkscrew – mixes together multiple pitch-shifts of the input signal, increasing or decreasing their pitches in parallel, and fading them in/out at the extremes of their range. This creates the illusion of a sound that seems to continually rise or fall, but doesn’t actually change in average pitch.
  • HarmonicAdder – creates harmonic resonances by pitch shifting the dominant frequencies in your input signal by the various intervals in the harmonic series (octave, octave+fifth, two octaves, two octaves+major third etc). These harmonics can be mixed with the dry input signal to make it more resonant, or used on their own as a new sound.
  • LengthSeparator – bisects the input signal according to the lengths of its component frequencies. Short sounds become the ‘transient’ part, long sounds become the ‘stable’ part. These parts can be isolated (ie the other part removed), or assigned different pan positions to create stereo movement.
  • Convoluter – applies a convolution matrix to the spectral representation of the input signal. This bends the sound along the continuum between pure sine tones and pure noise.


  • Parameter automation using MIDI controllers or VST automation
  • Complies with VST 2.4 standard
  • 32-bit & 64-bit versions for Mac (VST/AU) & PC (VST)

Anarchy Effects is available as a free download for both Mac & Windows.

If you’ve used Anarchy Effects, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

via Ronnie Rekkerd

19 thoughts on “Anarchy Comes To The Mac

    1. SLS, rather than just downvoting the comment: these are all reasonably bread-and-butter concepts of signal processing. I’d say take the opportunity to get over to Wikipedia and use this post as a checklist for “things to find out more about”, and then download the plug-ins (once the site’s back up!) and get a golden opportunity to hear what the theory sounds like.

    2. um yes – from those descriptions i know exactly what all of those plugins do, and how to use them. i can also think of several other plugins that do similar things.

  1. Even when it was up earlier… I couldn’t get the plugins to validate in either LPX nor Live 9 64bit… under 10.9.1.. so there seems to be a problem with them….

    1. The BEST plug in i ever used was free. Dblue Glitch did all of the things BTs glitch plug in does, but was free back in the day. Too bad the 64 bit OS X glitch 2 version is not free.

  2. I was able to download them with no trouble. However, I just tried out the VST versions on a couple of files in Audacity. Three of the five effects crashed the program when I tried to render the file. I did not try the other two. I’ve not tried the AU versions in Logic in real time.

  3. None of the Audiounit plug-ins work in Live 9, but VSTs do work – but they seem to be missing the Spectral Autopan.

    Pretty much a big mess, but a free mess at least!

  4. Just downloaded the effects and the rhythms thing too… all look really interesting. Gave them a quick test but will need to play with them more. Considering adding subjects to my sentences in the future.

  5. Hello all and apologies for all your troubles on February 24 related to “Anarchy coming to the Mac” 🙂

    Anarchy Effects bundle has been updated to version Please download the latest versions for your platform from

    As always, for issue reports, please just contact us by email or post a comment on our web site.

    Andrejs & Gatis

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