Livid Guitar Wing Fully Funded, Bringing MIDI Control To Guitars


Livid has wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Guitar Wing – a new MIDI controller for guitarists.

The Guitar Wing is a accessory that attaches to guitars and basses, offering wireless control of software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units…right from your guitar or bass. Livid had set a project goal of $45,000, and they raised over $70,000.

Livid expects the Guitar Wing to go into production within a few weeks and to be available in April. It will also be available for $199 via the Guitar Wing site.

Here’s the official intro on the Guitar Wing:

And here’s Columbian metal band Headcrusher offering their take (in Spanish) on the Guitar Wing:

4 thoughts on “Livid Guitar Wing Fully Funded, Bringing MIDI Control To Guitars

    1. It doesn’t do audio to MIDI. You might want to check out the new Fishman TriplePlay for audio to MIDI for guitar. I just picked one up and it’s a big improvement over the Roland GK.

    2. If you have an iPhone or iPad you could check out midimorphosis, an audio to midi conversion app. It’s ok but you need a good connection from the instrument to the i device, one through the thirty pin/lightning connector.

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