Snakebite Hybrid Digital Analog Synthesizer Rack Extension


DLD Technology has introduced Snakebite – a hybrid digital analog synthesizer Rack Extension.

According to the developer, Snakebite is designed to make sounds that aren’t possible using traditional virtual analog (VA) synth designs.

Here’s an audio demo of Snakebite:


  • Triple oscillator with variable shape and morph controls
  • 18db highly resonant low pass filter
  • Venom control for filter overdrive
  • Pre-filter bitcrush for extra harmonics
  • Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) delay
  • Binaural sub audio bass (8-15Hz)
  • Flexible matrix LFO / CV routing
  • Low DSP usage
  • Glowing snake eyes(!)

Snakebite is available now for US $29.

26 thoughts on “Snakebite Hybrid Digital Analog Synthesizer Rack Extension

    1. not a stab at the makes , im sure the synth is cool and sounds good , but its not analog.
      there is no need to even bring up the word unless there is modeling after it.

    1. HA HA, Beavis, you said “fake synths!” Here’s a small lesson: they’re all “fake.” 🙂 Even when you sample an acoustic instrument, you are SYNTHESIZING by changing its state, so by physical definition, you have altered the nature of the sound and begun using it in a synth-mode. Don’t hinder yourself by thinking restrictively. Its not about status or how a sound was produced. Its about looking to build something worthwhile and having fun at the wheel. (FWIW, I like Roland gear for being musically flexible & physically tough. Never wasted a penny there. Debussy or Haydn would have crapped themselves blind to have a Fantom anything.)

      Here’s the real deal. I have a great guitar patch in a soft-sampler and one from a Korg, but neither has the fullness I want alone. Together, they’re a shredding, musical, cat-de-hairing monster. I couldn’t have that if I didn’t blend them for their separate strengths. I had to EQ/effect and balance them out, but its now a prize soloing tool. So there are really good synths, a few rather bad ones and then a stack of good ones that just don’t happen to fit my goals. Play a few more things and you’ll start to see it, too.

      1. the ability to create true harmonics is totally different when comparing a digital and analog device. harmonics translates directly into audibility. without high fidelity waves being made, these, yes, fake synths don’t compare to, yes, real synths…. paragraphs and paragraphs don’t win the fight because soft synth track simply does not sound the same, no use trying to convince people, not because they won’t listen, but because you aren’t right

  1. Ok the name analog is really deceptive is not an analog synth, is a virtual analog with options not offered in older generations of VA but still nothing that out of the box really, so funny i have been making this kind of hybrids in reaktor for years now, you always find this kind of pseudo advanced synth no one knows, the truth is that this stuff has been available since a long time a go just was not in a pretty package where you could just tweak knobs and you are done lol, but is not that difficult to create yours and stop wasting money in pretty packages with this ¨new best synth¨ but thats just me people can do what ever please them with their money.

  2. I don’t mind that yet another programmer has produced a softsynth.
    What I object to is the renaming of common synthesizer terms.
    It’s all very cute and not a problem in usage, but confuses terminologies when learning synthesis or applying it to other machines.

  3. Why would anyone buy this? It sounds just like Subtractor to my ears, or Subtractor run through Scream, both of which already come with Reason. In addition, that GUI is abysmal.

    1. The best synths are abour filters mainly, so maybe this thing has a great filter?
      I dont know i am just saying what a lot of people are overlooking. Quality of filter is crucial for quality of a synth…

      1. I love a great analog filter as well as the next guy, but…..

        There are lots of great synths that don’t have filters, and types of synthesis (additive, FM) that don’t even use filters!

  4. Now that Reason has the RE scheme, all sorts of redundant synths and “creative tools” are coming out. They cost too much, generally, and most of what is being offered as “new” can be done with what already exists in Reason. I bought a few RE extensions, but then I realized that this scheme is a trap set for people who don’t understand that they already have more than enough options.

    This Snake synth doesn’t seem offer anything new as far as I can see or hear. And the all-knobs interface is terrible.

  5. So, to all these analog-geared soft synth haters: Please get over yourself. DLD brings original approach to the oscillators…please try it and read manual and then comment. The sound itself actually does sound very warm and I doubt, very doubt, you would even differentiate between this nasty toy and some analog gear in blind test. The modulation matrix is so cunning and yet that simple. And it is far from some of the spinning machines we can see nowadays. I personally didnt expect it to be something special when I first looked at it (although I like the visual ui), BUT..For me it is one of the best, lower priced synth out there in plugin world. Most of these comments just indicate big-headed hardware sluts with no valid point.

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