You Know It’s A Monster Synth When You Have To Use The Fisheye Lens


Saturday Synth Porn: You know it’s a monster synth when you have to use the fisheye lens in order to get it all in the picture. 

This image captures the monster 5U modular system at Michel van Osenbruggen’s Apollo studio, aka the ultimate synth cave.

And the rest of the Apollo studio is just as drool-worthy:


Van Osenbruggen records as and has released a series of solo albums and several collaborations.

25 thoughts on “You Know It’s A Monster Synth When You Have To Use The Fisheye Lens

  1. It looks like a Geoff Downs garage sale. I guess I’m a bit vague on how you could make actual musical use of a stack the size of about 35% of all synths ever made. Its either a big business tax write-off or a bunker of vanity. Personally, I’d rather eat beetle soup than try to calculate the depreciation on each of those every year. With all of them turned on, it makes one heck of a dry sauna. Its the Victoria’s Secret of synth collections. 😀

  2. Let me be the first to say it…

    I have that on my iPad 1. LOL

    It’s just a lame joke. No flames necessary.

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  4. Even if he is covered up in production work, that setup looks totally NON-ergonomic. I love the pics of Rick-Wakeman-style stacks, but the reality of maintenance *and* using them creatively gets glossed over in the rush to possess More. Part of my experience has been that with better CPU power, effects have become a second synth on top of every other one I use. They have a lot to do with why I can “build” a Moog with samples and get 90% of the inherent goodness of a real one, which I once owned. The feel is right. Even a modest rig these days is like Dr. Who’s TARDIS. You step through the door and its huge INside. So while hardware rules for stability, longevity and a real-time rawness only moving air can provide, software is now so refined that it becomes a dubious argument. I’m just glad I don’t have to dust that stuff.:O

    1. His blog is interesting, and he does detail how he has to regularly move stuff around from project to project. But yeah, ergonomics…

  5. This is an extremely eclectic collection of synths.
    He must be buying something every week, so how can you get to know your gear?

  6. If having all those choices helps his creative juices more power to him! Its a very fun studio to look at in the pics, and brings back memories of the 70’s and 80’s for me when I was starting out, and having tons of keyboards was the norm for a lot of us. I only have a small handful of my early instruments left, and haven’t powered them on in a long time preferring to work in the box (boxes via fxteleport actually) But if someone said ‘we are going to build you a room in the back of your property and duplicate this guys studio’ I certainly wouldn’t turn them down 🙂 I briefly went to his website but didn’t see a comprehensive gear list, anyone know if he has one? Would be interesting to read all whats in there.

  7. Look Ma’ no windows! I would die off claustrophobia and lack of vitamin D due to no sunlight coming into this dungeon. I wouldn’t even know how to get inspired in this dry, hot, dark room – I can only imagine getting deeply depressed.
    So, personally, this does not turn me on at all – quite the contrary. And being German, I cannot resist and say, it had to be a Dutch to do this… No offence though. This is some serious sign of GAS and the guy should seek some treatment soon. And if there actually comes any significant musical output out of this – well, can we call it a – studio, I’d be even more impressed.

  8. Sorry mr., this is a museum, not a studio. Posing all the way and the music result is simply boring rubbish. Better use a hand of synth and know what to do with it. At all embarrasing. Best: Sell 99% and donate the money. For Your petty music You simply need Arturia Keylab

  9. don’t be hatin folks. if you’re telling me you wouldn’t want a collection like this…I don’t believe you.

    I don’t want any more synthesizers. Said no one, ever.

  10. Just took a deeper look. Why does this guy MvO comment Franks post so fast? Seems he needs his daily acceptance for his synth museum. Poor man.

  11. Next time I will take some shots from ground-level 🙂
    By the way, I think it is time for a new Photosession?

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